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igital Perm
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Digital perm gives you the option to transform straight hair into gorgeous, wavy locks. You’ll get the bouncy hair of your dreams and more time in the mornings to enjoy your coffee thanks to this temporary hair curling technique! Before you make the commitment and enroll in this particular type of perm, there are many considerations to make. Read the article and then you can decide whether you still want to get a digital perm.

What Is Digital Perm

With the help of heating rods and a digital display, your hair is broken down and then structured or changed into a different style using the innovative haircut technique known as a “digital perm.”

According to technical definitions, a digital Perm is a hairdo that employs perm rods that are heated to a specific temperature and then applied to the hair to produce curls and waves.

The foundation of the Digital Perm style is created by the perm rods, which make the hair expand and stand out more.

The rods can be used to create a wide variety of looks by applying them in different patterns and positions.

It is possible to adjust each digital perm style to suit your preferences using a digital display.

Additionally, it can be changed to produce a range of different outcomes. You can perm your hair and leave it in place, or you can use a hairdryer to style it without using any water.

For those with sensitive scalps or complexions, this means that you can style your hair without worrying about wetting your perm.

Digital Perm Considerations


A costly hair treatment is a digital perm. Your initial treatment won’t be cheap, and since you’ll need to use specialized products, ongoing maintenance will also be pricey.

igital Perm

Hair Health

Lots of heat and chemical processing are used to create a digital perm. Thus, before getting a perm, you must ensure that your hair is in good condition. A digital perm might not be the best option for you if your hair is dry, brittle, or damaged.

Hair Care Is Necessary

Not a low-maintenance procedure is digital perm. You will need to maintain a consistent hair care routine to keep your locks moisturized and healthy because your hair has undergone a complex treatment that altered its structure of the hair.

Digital Perm Is An Investment

If you’re considering getting a permanent one, keep in mind that it’s a significant financial commitment. Because your stylist must pay close attention to each individual hair strand, digital perms take a number of hours to complete.

Due to the time, chemicals, and heat treatment required, they may also be more expensive than cold wave perms. Normally, the cost of perms starts out low and can rise depending on your hair’s thickness and length.

When you do schedule your perm, be sure to block off an entire morning or afternoon to complete it.

It’s Not For Everyone

Not everyone should get a digital perm. This might be as a result of their duration. Most digital perms will last for at least a year, and some people don’t want permanent curls for that long.

Digital perms are suitable for people with thin, straight hair, according to other stylists. In actuality, digital perms were first used on Asian hair.

You might want to avoid getting any kind of perm if you’ve previously experienced severely damaged hair. This is due to the fact that perms do use chemicals on your hair and can make any damage already present worse.

Consult your stylist if you’re unsure whether a digital perm is the right choice for you. You can choose from a variety of other perms if a digital perm isn’t for you but you still want permanent curls.

The Results Are More Natural Than Cold Perms

The outcome is among the biggest advantages of digital perms. Compared to other perms, digital perms typically result in curls that are fuller and more realistic looking. This is especially true when contrasting digital perms with cold wave perms.

Digital perms are the solution for you if you’re sick of your stick-straight hair and want to look as if you’ve spent hours in front of the mirror using a variety of curling irons.

A different kind of perm might be a better option, though, if you prefer a beachy, wind-tossed curl.

Digital Perms Still Require Maintenance

You might believe that getting a perm means you will never have to care for your hair again. However, the reality is different.

After getting a digital perm, you’ll still need to maintain your hair. Due to the heat treatment and restructuring, some people will experience more frizzing in the weeks after a perm.

To enhance the shine of your new curls, it’s crucial to treat your hair with keratin-boosting products. To show your new curls some extra TLC, you should also look into anti-frizz cremes and sprays and buy some luxurious shampoo and conditioner.

You should be aware that digital perms do change the structure of your hair. They entail applying some potent chemicals to your locks. You can find hair treatments that aren’t as damaging, but you should also buy some hair products to help balance the treatment.

Digital Curls Look Very Natural

Very soft, big curls produced by digital perm become more defined when they are dried. The crown of your hair largely stays intact because it is not applied close to the scalp.

Short and medium-length hair used to respond better to digital perming. But now that large digital perm rolls are accessible, it is also used to add natural-looking waves to long hair.

Overall, this kind of perming helps produce a beautiful natural hairstyle that largely resembles “rich girl hair” with a flawless blowout. The difference is that daily hair styling doesn’t take as much time as it used to!

You Need To Start With Healthy Hair

You can only get a satisfactory result from a perm if your hair is healthy, and results vary depending on hair condition. On bleached or severely damaged hair, a digital perm is not advised.

Therefore, if you’re thinking about getting some digi perms, start by mending bleached-damaged hair and making a commitment to good hair care.

Digitally Permed Hair Requires A New Hair Routine

You should adopt a hair care routine for wavy and curly hair rather than straight hair because, after perming, the structure of your hair will change.

You will need to learn techniques to moisturize your hair and combat frizz because perming causes hair to become dry and curly hair is already more prone to dryness.

Be aware that a month after a digital perm, hair tips start to become dry, necessitating gentle maintenance and moisturization to prevent damage and tangling.

The Process Of Perming Requires Much Time And Skills

With the help of a digital perm, you can permanently alter the structure of your hair. One of the hot perming techniques, known as a “digi perm,” uses a professional machine to heat the rods to a temperature of between 80 and 120 degrees.

It takes about three hours to complete the procedure, which is lengthy for a salon procedure.

Similar to cold perming, the procedure entails the application of chemicals to your hair to break the natural bonds, followed by the application of additional chemicals to set the hair in a new, curly pattern.

Be aware that the chemicals used in digital perms are stronger and that heat is applied directly to the hair. Therefore, ensure that the treatment is provided by a qualified professional.

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