How to Make Your Hair Look Shorter Without Cutting

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Girls are fickle by nature: if the hair is curly, they want it to be straight, but if the hair is long, they dream of it being short, and vice versa. Learn how to make your long hair look great Short can be tricky. If you want to have a short hair day but don’t want to cut your hair! So what can you do? Read on to find out here a few fun ways to shorten your hair without cutting it.

Who Should Use This Shortcut Trend?

It is suitable for everyone who is afraid to cut their own hair. This hairstyle can help you build confidence and finally decide to cut your hair short.

But imitating boy haircuts – it’s a test that can help you find out if short hair is right for you. You should also keep hair care in mind.

Don’t think boy hairstyles can’t inspire your fantasies. You can switch to a new hairstyle every day with short hair.

5 Ways to Make Your Hair Look Shorter Without Cutting It

First Method: Curls

Curls makes hair shorter

Curls have a great reputation for making hair look shorter, not shorter. The best way to curl your hair is to use a curling iron. Because hot rollers can expose your hair to prolonged heat, which can be unhealthy for your hair.

Wash your hair first. Because that’s when it’s fully flexible, it’s easiest to manipulate into whatever form you want. Use a curling iron according to the size of your desired curls. One thing that must be kept in mind is the alignment of the curling iron, which should be organized. Otherwise, your hair will stick out in different directions, which is not what you want, right?

Sleep with the curling iron on. I know it’s going to be uncomfortable, but I also know it’s worth it. Don’t brush your hair as soon as you wake up because your curls may be damaged.

Beautiful curls that make your hair look stylish and shorter!

Second Method: Bobby Pin Flips

Bobby Pin Flips

Simple, simple, attractive. This is Bobby Pin Flips.

The first thing you will do is part your hair from ear to ear in the shape of a headband. Divide the remaining hair into four to five sections.

Open the first part so that it covers your face. Now secure with bobby pins, flip it over to the back and secure it again with bobby pins. Repeat this process for the rest.

Pull the headband-shaped hair back over the hair and bobby pins. You can add a few more bobby pins to keep the hair in place.

Third Method: The Half Bun Style

The Half Bun Style

This is by far the easiest and fastest way to get your hair shorter without cutting it. Tie your hair into a half or partial bun and sweep the excess over your shoulders.

If you love short hair but want your long hair to look short and don’t want to cut it short, follow the tips discussed in the article. You can do it with curls to make your hair look shorter. However, this method is not recommended for regular styling, as excessive heat exposure can damage the hair. The Demi Lovato style is also a go-to for keeping hair short. Bobby clips, ponytails, and half buns keep your hair short and stylish. Try any of the short hairstyles mentioned above.

Fourth Method: A Ponytail


Leave your short hair in a ponytail because these short haircuts are what you’ve always wanted!

You can roll up the ponytail or pin it back!

Fifth Method: The Demi Lovato Style

The Demi Lovato Style

All you have to do is apply a small amount of the Brightening Serum to smooth out those fly-away skins. Pull the top half of your hair to the crown of your head and secure it with clips.

to the bottom of your hair. Make two-inch slices up to the scalp. Now, with the help of a bobby pin, secure the ends of your hair. You can use another pin for extra hold.

Now the magic is here! Undo the top of the hair to see it beautifully layered over the curls. If all the hair is one full length, you can roll the ends of the top half under the pinned bottom section.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Hair Look Shorter When Being Wet?

When our hair is healthy it is very bouncy and furthermore, when wet (for example after you wash your hair or get wet in the rain) it will appear longer due to the weight of the water on it. So no, unfortunately, our hair doesn’t get shorter when it’s wet.

On the other hand, depending on your hair type, during the day, your hair may become shorter or even a little frizzier due to air humidity and sweat from your scalp. When our hair is healthy it is very bouncy and furthermore, when wet (for example after you wash your hair or get wet in the rain) it will appear longer due to the weight of the water on it. So no, unfortunately, our hair doesn’t get shorter when it’s wet.

Will a Perm Make My Hair Look Shorter?

Yes, it will. When using a perm, your hair gets curled (more or less, depending on your preferences) which makes its length shorten. In its turn, the hair looks shorter than usual.

How to Make Your Hair Look Shorter With a Ribbon?

Not every lady will agree to cut their hair short! However, there is a way to make your hair look shorter without cutting it. Just use ribbon!

Yes, it may take some time at first, but using a ribbon can help you a lot. To make the hair look shorter, try parting it up and down, then in the middle.

Another option is to make a fake bomb, but for this, you’ll also need some bobby pins and hairspray.


With the right hairstyle, you can cut long hair dozens of centimeters shorter without using scissors. This trend allows you to create an imitation of a short haircut, even if you have long hair!

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