How To Apply BB Cream Correctly

Apply BB Cream
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To get the flawless skin people to dream of, the substance itself matters — but the technology also has to be right. How the product is applied is the key to obtaining the desired results. BB creams or so-called beauty balms or blemish balms provide complete coverage. It even controls excess oil or sebum and provides moisture to the skin. So how to use BB cream correctly.

What Is BB Cream

What Is BB Cream

Simply put, a BB cream (Blemish Balm or Beauty Balm) is a cosmetic and a moisturizer. BB creams are essentially a tinted moisturizer that helps to cover certain skin imperfections and hydrate the skin, BB creams give you lighter coverage than foundations, but they work great to improve your complexion at night, moisturizing your skin.

Steps To Apply BB Cream

For a perfect look, BB cream needs to be used correctly. BB cream can be used alone or as a primer or foundation. To apply the cream correctly, follow these steps:

1. Prepare your skin

Wash your face and rinse well before using anything. Follow your skincare routine – apply a thin layer of moisturizer and sunscreen before applying BB cream, if this is your routine. A good idea is to wait between applications of each layer to allow it to dry and absorb.

2. Choose your product

Not all creams are suitable for all skin types. You need to pair it with a BB cream that suits your skin type. Like oily skin, oil-free formula is required, while dry skin needs an added moisturizer. Then, choose products based on the coverage you want for a dewy look, velvety finish, or natural-looking coverage.

3. Application

Applying is important – how you apply and how much. Take a small dab of cream with clean hands and apply it anywhere on the face you want to cover. Using your fingers or a clean sponge, use circular motions to cover the largest area of ​​the face, smoothing out the cream.

4. Use concealer on problem areas

Applying too much BB cream is not a good idea, so it’s best to add concealer, blush, or highlighter to other parts of your routine to cover problem areas like dark circles or uneven skin tone. To show your face, you can leave it as is after applying BB cream.

How To Apply BB Cream In the Correct Way

How To Apply BB Cream Correctly

After prepping your skin (we’ll explain more in a moment), follow these steps:

With clean fingers, wherever you want to cover. Start with a small amount of product: especially if you use a thicker cream.

Use a damp beauty sponge to smooth and blend the product into the skin. You can also apply and blend with your fingers, but if you do, make sure your hands are clean and apply in a circular motion for the best coverage.

When To Apply 

Here are some examples of BB creams you might choose:

Morning traffic. No time for makeup? don’t worry! Depending on your makeup preferences, you can just use BB cream so you can show off your natural glow.

Deciding what to bring with you on long walks is always a hassle. What if you want to spend the day at the beach but go to dinner without breaking a sweat? BB cream is a great option when you just want a little light coverage without the hassle of a full makeup look.

“No makeup” makeup. A little BB cream can cover subtle skin imperfections like uneven skin tone or redness for a beautiful natural makeup-free look.

Avoid irritation. Sometimes, you may want to give your skin a break but don’t want to give up some light coverage. For those days when you want to go without makeup or have inflamed skin, BB cream is the best compromise. These creams will give you adequate coverage while still allowing your skin to breathe.

Can You Apply BB Cream With A Brush Or Beauty Blender?

Or a beauty sponge, or a makeup wedge, the choice is yours. However, if your BB cream is a little on the thick side, it’s recommended to apply the product with a brush first, then tap a clean, damp beauty blender on top to “remove excess product and help it hold in place”

All you need is a small bounce to spread the pigment, with no tugs or sponges on the skin.

The Takeaway. 

BB creams are versatile little numbers. Depending on the formula and method of use, you can choose full coverage or a natural “no makeup” style. For dewy, pillow-like skin, these tips will serve you well.

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