Wedding Nail Ideas for Brides

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While wedding attire, hair, and makeup get a lot of attention, there’s one detail you don’t want to forget: nails. When you get married, all eyes are on your hands. Between signing the marriage certificate, taking detailed photos from the photographer, and asking to see your new wedding ring, your hand will have a serious time in the spotlight. We’ve rounded up some bridesmaid nail ideas and some expert advice to keep your decision as simple as possible.

Ready to get started? Here’s everything you need to know about wedding party nails, plus our favorite ideas.

How Many Days Before the Wedding Should Bridesmaids Get Nails Done?

While there is no official rule on nail nailing, members of a wedding should plan ahead. It is recommended to get your nails done two to three days before the wedding. Get your nails done within 72 hours of your wedding day to maintain flexibility while ensuring your nails stay fresh on your wedding day.

Bridesmaid Nail Colors

When it comes to bridesmaid nail color, we recommend talking to the guest of honor to see if they have any preferences. They may ask you to wear a certain color or pattern. If not, pay attention to your choices. Neutrals and soft pinks are tried and true nail colors that reflect simplicity and romance.

If you plan to do a colorful mani, check with the person you are getting married to. Then, brainstorm ideas that can complement your gear. For example, navy nails work well with a blue color scheme, while sage green works well with a neutral color palette. Lavender or light blue nails are also good for any spring wedding.

Bridesmaid Nail Ideas

Neutral Nails

Bride holding her pink laced flask

You can’t go wrong with neutral nails. Nude nail polish looks beautiful and will instantly lengthen your nails (even if you keep them short). Plus, it goes with any season or style, so you don’t have to worry about a conflict. But the best part? The closer the shadow is to your skin tone, the harder it is to notice any unexpected fragments.

Light Pink

 Pink nail

If you are worried about choosing the wrong color, we strongly recommend that you choose a soft pink. Colorful, but still neutral, with any outfit or wedding theme. Plus, it will add a bright color to your ensemble and draw attention to any flowers in your hand. If light pink is a little too sweet for you, consider switching to mauve. Or, take your nails to the next level with a shiny pink polish.

Dark & Moody

Dark & Moody

If pink and neutral nudity isn’t your thing, consider switching to darker shades and moody. Rocking a dark color, such as black, navy, dark purple, or dark green, is an easy way to show your personality. Dark nail polish still feels neutral enough that it doesn’t take the focus away from the couple. Just make sure the color you choose doesn’t conflict with your outfit. Pro tip: We strongly recommend that bridesmaids use gel nails that are darker in color, as splinters may be more noticeable. Want to make it edgier? Complete your look with a matte coat.

Ombre Nail

Ombre Nail
Women’s hands with a beautiful well-groomed manicure. Original hand pose.

Another fun and subtle bridesmaid nail idea? Ombre Wedding Nail Art. Ombre nails are made up of a gradient of color across the nail. It can appear on each nail (like a beautiful watercolor painting) or it can be distributed across all nails (so each nail has a slightly different color). We’re big fans of bridesmaid wedding nail design because it’s easy to DIY. All you need is a primer, two or three colors of nail polish, a makeup sponge, and a layer of paint. Paint on the sponge and gently press the nail a few times, starting with the cuticle. 

French Manicure

French Manicure nail
Closeup of nicely manicured female fingernails. One hand is placed on top of other, both on a white towel. Very nice french manicure with transparent nail paint. Blurry beige background. Copy space.

There’s a reason French manicures are so popular at weddings. They look clean and fresh and can be worn with anything (from deep reds to light pinks to bright blues). Painted French tips brighten up any appearance, making this manicure especially good for spring and summer weddings. Frenchie is a classic French manicure.

Bold and Bright

Bold and Bright nail

We love neon nail art moments. Be sure to check with your guest of honor before choosing a bold, bright color. If they agree with your choice, go for it. Any bright hue will look gorgeous with a neutral dress. If you’re wearing a certain color, be strategic in choosing complementary colors. A good rule of thumb is to stick to the color range of your clothing. For example, if you’re wearing a blue dress, bright blue, green, or purple will look cohesive. Or, if you’re wearing a pink dress, consider wearing bright pink, red, or orange. If you’re wearing a neutral color coat, consider mixing colors.

Creative Nail Design

Creative Nail Design

Spice up simple manicures with minimalist designs. This option allows brides to incorporate wedding colors into their nails without having to wash out their features with a shadow. These designs don’t have to be very complicated, they can be as simple as very thin vertical, horizontal or diagonal lines. You can use any color, and minimalist designs that use white and neutral tones are also good, as these will stand out when viewed up close, but from a distance, nails will appear extremely subtle.

Romantic and Ivory

Romantic nail

Not to overcomplicate things, but there are definitely two types of white people to watch out for. The aforementioned one is sharp, modern and opaque, while the other is softer, with an opalescent aesthetic and creamy texture.

Brides with Henna Tattoos and Black Nails

Henna Tattoos and Black Nails

Want to freshen up your neutral nails? Try ombre designs and choose muted tones. The technique is as simple as doing a little practice on your own before marriage: First, apply your lightest nail polish to each nail and let it dry. Then draw parallel stripes of other colors on a wedge of makeup sponge so they overlap slightly. Gently pat the sponge over your nails and reapply the color as needed. Finally, clean the edges with q-tips dipped in polish.

A Soft Gray Pigeons

A Soft Gray Pigeons

Neutral nail polish isn’t limited to nude. Gray is often an overlooked neutral color that feels completely modern (albeit temperamental) but never dares to overwhelm your looks. Choose a mild dove grey, like the one pictured above, for a sweet, minimalist vibe, or opt for darker shades for a slightly edgy feel.

Little Red Hearts

Red Hearts nail

We “heart” this lovely man! The tiny hearts adorn the bride’s understated nails, a sweet surprise. You can purchase a nail decal to complete your look, or visit a manicurist who can do whatever he wants to do to bring your vision to life.

Metal Mani

Metal Mani nail

Create a dazzling manicure with ornate gold metal nails. We recommend matching the metal of your engagement and wedding rings to prevent color conflicts.

Prevailing Taupe

If you’re feeling a bit dramatic but don’t want to get lost in thought, try beige. Smoky colors give a nice edgy feel, but not too strong. Plus, it looks magical with the warm gold metal.

Autumn Orange

Orange nail

Take cues from your wedding season when deciding on nail color, like this bride who chose orange nails for her fall wedding. An unconventional hue will add a pop of color to your white wedding dress and you are sure to stand out from the crowd. You can even match your nails to other aspects of your decor.

Classic Wedding White

White nail

Nothing says “bride” like classic wedding white. To prevent white nail polish from looking streaky, apply a ridged filler base coat first, then make sure each coat is completely dry before applying the next.


You might think it would be easy to pick a shade of nail polish for your big day after choosing your wedding dress, shoes, and hair, but you can understandably feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of options. From classic bridal neutrals to bold hues and nail art, these wedding nail ideas are some of our favorites to help you out.

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