12 Charming Summer Colors For Nails: Try Now!

Charming Summer Colors For Nails
August 16, 2022 0 Comments

It’s only natural to use less makeup once the summer arrives. Nails are basically a fun accessory, and keeping them buffed, filed, and polished with a trendy summer hue is one of the easiest ways to lean into the zeitgeist. Here is a list of some of the most popular summer nail colors. Read and pick your favorite.

Sweet Creamsicle

Like tangerine nail polish, nothing screams brightness like it. Try peachy colors instead that have an orange creamsicle vibe instead of the bright orange hues.

As peach makeup dominated the runways during the spring/summer 2022 fashion month, we predicted in December 2021 that it would be commonplace in the springtime.

So why not give your mani and Pedi the pastel color?

There are many ways to experiment with peach nail polish. You can opt for a traditional soft peach hue like Static Nails Liquid Glass Lacquer in Peachy Keen or lean towards something that has a healthy dose of pink like a coral shade — we’re partial to the shade Exhibit A Line from Essie. 

Raspberry Candy

Lean toward something brighter, like a neon or hot pink, and let the blush pink tones take a backseat for a while. It is a timeless, glitzy, and potent color.

And once June arrives, a hot pink shade like CND Vinylux Longwear Polish in Sangria at Sunset becomes immediately fashionable.

The shade will surely get you in the mood to spend a day at the beach or a night at a rooftop bar. 

Pops Of Coral

Furious hues are in style as the weather warms up. To wear on the beach and in the sun, people are looking for colors with warm undertones and upbeat, uplifting hues.

Try dipping your toes into the coral family for a playful spin on the traditional cherry tips; these warm hues work beautifully for both hands and feet.

Charming Summer Colors For Nails

Playful Pink

The head-to-toe pink trend for this summer, according to Rachel James, founder and CEO of Pear Nova, is evident from the vibrant pink looks from this year’s Met Gala. Why not add a little playful shade to your manicure and pedicure?

Although soft, pastel pink is a manicure staple, don’t be afraid to use the pinky color in more vibrant, eye-catching shades.

All Things Citrus

This season, according to James, citrus nails are the ultimate crowd-pleasers. Imagine yourself relaxing in the sun with a cold drink in hand and bright green fingertips that resemble a juicy lime wedge.

Bright oranges, yellows, and greens create a great go-to palette for summer, don’t they?

Sky Blue

Sky blue nail polish is enjoying a summer ’22 resurgence, and the fact that it matches clear summer skies makes it a perfect pick for the season. Sky blue is so bold that even if it doesn’t match your look, it’ll still work because it’s such an extreme pop of color.

Shimmery Turquoise

And now for a summer 2022 nail color that delivers a little bit of green and blue: retro-inspired turquoise. Y2K is currently all the rage. Who doesn’t adore a turquoise drink with silver shimmer to go with all velvet tracksuits?”

Candy Apple Red

Red is a traditional nail polish color and can be found on a variety of celebrities, including Khloe Kardashian, Saweetie, and Selena Gomez. But we’re fans of the vivid hues that look like hardened candy on an apple or a red solo cup for the summery months. 

You can go for a true red, like Pear Nova’s Classic Lacquer in Kissu Miss You, or lean toward something with a little more orange in it; Un/Dn Laqr in Twenty Five to Life is a nice red-orange hue.

Keep it simple by painting all of your nails the color rouge, or go for a multicolored manicure with orange and yellow tones for a sunset-inspired look, which is a trend we predicted would be popular in 2022. 

Tweety Bird Yellow

A vibrant yellow manicure will surely brighten up your day anytime you stare at your hands. We also adore the color on the feet because it makes a statement all on its own. 

The vivid polish that resembles the citrus fruit is appropriately named Olive & June’s Lemony Lemon. If you think that shade might be a little too intense, start with something a little darker, like Revlon’s “Marigold Maven” shade.

Creamy Lavenders

Honor Pantone’s color of the year for 2022 by saying: very peri, a cool, periwinkle blue that exudes “a carefree confidence and joyful attitude.

Even though it is a summer edition, it belongs to the same family as very peri. It is calming and relaxing. Both sundays’ L.05 and Deborah Lippman’s The Woman In The Moon master the pastel shade. 

The New Neutrals

A good neutral nail polish that works with your skin tone will never go out of style. Even though light browns, pinks, and beiges are frequently thought of as neutral colors, we also include gray and metallic glitter in our definition of neutrals. 

Try something that isn’t entirely white for a fresh take on the traditional white shade. Feelin’ My Tiger Stripes by Pear Nova is the ideal illustration.

Due to barely perceptible grayish-purple undertones, the eggshell-like color doesn’t have a tendency to lean too warm and still feels fresh and contemporary. 

Pastel Purples

Listen, the only distinction between lilac and French lilac that we are aware of is that the latter has a fancier sound. Regardless, Kandelac considers it to be his favorite summer hue. We’re ready for some fanciness this year after last summer was the least fancy ever.

Pen Pal, a sugary-sweet pastel purple from Janet & Jo, satisfies that need with a sense of optimism and luxury.

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