Does Cutting Your Hair Make It Grow Faster?

Does Cutting Your Hair Make It Grow Faster?
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You may have heard a popular but puzzling Myth: cutting your hair will make your hair grow faster. It’s suspicious. After all, your hair grows out. Is there any communication between those long dead corners and your hair follicles? There is a lot of debate about whether cutting hair will make hair grow faster. Is it really useful? Read on to find out why cutting hair doesn’t actually make it grow faster or thicker.

Does Cutting Hair Make it Grow Faster?

Cutting the ends of your hair often will not make it grow faster. The average growth rate of hair is about 0.5 cm to 1.7 cm per month This speed depends on the health of your hair follicles and scalp, not your hair tips. In other words, cutting off dead corners will not affect the hair follicles above. Although trimming your hair is a healthy practice, it will not make your hair grow faster.

Stimulating hair growth should focus on the scalp, not the ends.

Does Cutting Hair Make It Grow Thicker?

A haircut will not change the density of your hair. The thickness of hair is determined by factors such as heredity, environment, age, and health.

However, while a haircut will not make it thicker, it will certainly make it look thicker.

If your hair is split or has dead ends, your hair will look very thin. Removing forks will make your hair look healthier and thicker. Forked hair ends can also spread, leading to breakage and hair loss. This is why regular hair pruning (at least every three to four months) is a healthy hair practice.

Cutting short hair also makes thin hair look thicker. If your hair is thin, long hair will look heavy, so a short and fluffy hairstyle will make you look fuller as a whole.

Benefits of Regular Trim

Cut Hair
Two women getting new haircut in a coiffeur studio.

Trimming dead corners will not make hair grow faster, but it can help hair grow healthier. If your hair ends diverge, become brittle, or dry, any new hair will fall off or split.

Benefits of regular hair trimming:

  • Eliminate bifurcation end growth
  • Control and remove heat or chemicals from damaged hair
  • Reduce hair loss
  • Reduce curly textures
  • Keep hair growing healthily

How Often to Trim Hair for Healthy Hair Growth

You should try to trim your hair every three to four months. This is probably when dead ends began to form. A good rule of thumb is to expect cuts anywhere from a quarter-inch to a half-inch. If it has been some time since you last pruned, you may need to cut it shorter.

The interval between haircuts depends on the health of your hair and how quickly it grows back, so it’s best to get the recommendation of a hairdresser.

How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster

Fast pruning doesn’t solve the problem. If you really want to promote hair growth, you must start from the inside. This includes increasing blood flow to the scalp – through a lovely, stress-relieving scalp massage – and taking hair growth supplements. The following steps can be applied to your daily life.

Scalp Massage 

Regularly massaging your scalp can help stimulate your hair follicles and promote healthy growth. Before scalp massage, the increased blood circulation will transport important nutrients and oxygen to hair follicles, which will help promote growth. When washing your hair, massaging the scalp can increase blood flow, relieve pressure, and stimulate hair follicles. You can also choose a dry scalp massage. If you like, simply moisten your finger pads with oil, and then massage. However, regular scalp massage has been shown to promote hair growth.


Adding hair supplements to your diet can also help hair grow. Living hair growth supplements provide a clinically proven solution for men and women with thin or sparse hair that is thicker and fuller

Hair Care

Using hair care helps promote healthy hair growth. Strengthen the body’s hair retention to treat thick hair.

Eat Healthily

Stay hydrated and eat natural foods to make sure your hair stays strong.

Reduce Heat

Reducing the use of hot tools can help prevent cracking and brittle ends.

There are many other ways to protect your hair and keep it long and strong, but the above methods are the key to supporting these hair follicles from the inside out.


Cutting your hair doesn’t necessarily make it grow faster, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter if you cut it regularly. Technically, trimming damaged forks can ensure healthy hair, not only look longer and fuller but also prevent breakage and slow growth. But to stimulate the actual growth of these hair follicles, you need to start from the source with appropriate scalp care and do your best to keep your hair healthy.

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