How To Get Spray Tan Off Easily At Home? 11 Methods

how to get the spray tan off
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Nothing compares to having a healthy-looking tan, and a lovely spray tan can significantly alter both your appearance and mood. With the right spray tan maintenance, you can flaunt your golden glow for up to 2 weeks. When you’re ready to say goodbye, however, make sure you remove it correctly to get ready for your next appointment.

Although it should be simple to remove spray tan solution, this process occasionally isn’t as straightforward as one might hope. There are many methods; you must select the one that is best for your skin. It’s crucial to remember to scrub the solution off your nails and palms as well.

In this article, we’ve covered the 10 simplest methods for removing fake tan at home as well as some helpful advice for preventing fake tan mishaps.

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How To Get Spray Tan Off Easily At Home?

Use Exfoliant Scrub

Because spray tanning only affects the top layer of your skin, as we’ve already mentioned, exfoliating the dead skin cells is the most effective way to get rid of them.

Here’s how to do it in 3 quick steps:

  1. Get wet by jumping in the shower.
  2. Apply the exfoliant and rub it in with your hands or a shower sponge.
  3. Rinse off everything thoroughly

Use An Exfoliating Glove

It’s pretty similar to using an exfoliating scrub to use this glove. Additionally, you can finish the process by adding soap or lemon juice.

Here’s how to use an exfoliating glove:

  1. Enter the shower and soak yourself.
  2. Along with that, wet your scrubby glove.
  3. With the glove, exfoliate your tan. You can hasten the process by incorporating soap.

Take A Hot Bath Or Shower

Don’t take long, hot baths or showers to keep your tan looking good. These soaks loosen up the first layer of skin, which is the layer that holds the tan, which lessens the effects of your tan. As a result, a spray tan can be easily removed by taking a hot bath or shower. Turn to your go-to bubble bath or long, leisurely shower for advice on how to remove a spray tan.

how to get the spray tan off

Use A Fake Tan Remover

The first (and most crucial) step in fixing your improper tanning is to take this one. The tanning removal foam should be applied liberally to the tanning areas, and the product’s recommended waiting time should be followed. Before getting in the shower, take it off. A fake tan that won’t go away can best be removed using this method. On the body, hands, feet, and face, a fake tan remover can be applied.

Moisturize Your Skin With Baby Oil

Using baby oil to moisturize your skin can assist in removing fake tan. Your fake tan disaster may be lessened and it feels soothing on the skin. Apply baby oil to the tanned area and let your skin absorb it for at least 30 minutes. While taking a shower, gently exfoliate. This not only gets rid of fake tan but also smooths your skin.

Olive oil can be used to remove fake tan in addition to baby oil. The face, body, hands, and feet can all be cleaned of fake tan using this kind and efficient method.

Lemon Juice Can Also Help

You can remove both your fake tan and your natural summer tan with a few drops of lemon juice. In skin-brightening creams like Lucederm, Meladerm, and Skin Bright, lemon juice—which has bleaching properties—is frequently used. Dark spots might appear less prominent as a result.

Apply some water-diluted lemon juice directly to the affected area. Another option is to cut a lemon in half, dunk it in sugar, and use it to scrub the affected area.

Lemons contain vitamin C, which can irritate the skin and make it more photosensitive. Use sunscreen and limit your time outside as a result. The fake tan on the hands and feet can be effectively removed with this treatment. The skin on your face is delicate and thin compared to the skin on your body, so be sure to avoid using lemon on it.

Go For A Quick Swim In The Pool

Chlorine is present in pool water. Chlorine may bleach your skin and have an abrasive effect on it, according to anecdotal evidence. So, after your trip to the pool, jump in the shower and gently scrub the areas to see all of your fake tans slowly fading away.

As the chlorine may dry out your skin, use a moisturizer after. The hands, feet, and face are all susceptible to fake tan removal with chlorine water.

Remove Fake Tan With Baking Soda

Due to its abrasive nature, baking soda can remove dead skin cells from the skin. You could possibly use this to get rid of your fake tan. You can make a paste by combining baking soda and coconut oil, massaging it into the tanned area for a few minutes, and then washing it off.

Use baking soda on your skin sparingly, though. Being highly alkaline, it has a high pH value. Never let it stay on your skin for longer than a few minutes. Make sure your skin doesn’t react negatively by performing a patch test before using it. Avoid applying baking soda to your face as well.

Try Toothpaste

To help remove fake tan from smaller areas, like your fingers, toes, and the space between your fingers, toothpaste contains baking soda.

Use a toothbrush and toothpaste to gently scrub the sunburned area. Before rinsing it off, let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes. The delicate skin on your face may become irritated if you use toothpaste on it.

Use A Vinegar Rinse

Anecdotal evidence indicates that apple cider vinegar or regular white vinegar can remove fake tan efficiently. Vinegar should be diluted with water in an equal ratio. Applying makeup requires either a cotton ball or a spray bottle. After a minute, remove it and rinse with cold water.

Any fake tan on your body, including your face, can be easily removed with this remedy. However, to prevent an allergic reaction, perform a patch test.

Gram Flour

Because of its gentle exfoliating qualities, gram flour (also known as besan) is utilized in traditional skin care recipes. It can make the skin more radiant and prevent tanning.

To treat the sunburned area, combine some gram flour with yogurt or water. After applying the mixture, gently massage it for 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse thoroughly in warm water. This method is excellent for removing fake tan from your face, body, hands, and feet and can gradually wash off the fake tan.

How Can A Fake Tan Disaster Be Avoided?

To prevent any tan-related mishaps, first and foremost prepare your skin before getting a fake tan.

how to get the spray tan off

Here are all the things you need to do the day before your fake tanning session:

  • For a flawless backdrop for your tan, get rid of all of your body hair.
  • Apply a soft scrub to your skin to exfoliate it.
  • Your skin can stay hydrated by using an oil-free body moisturizer.
  • Before applying a fake tan, shave for 24 hours. This will allow your skin pores to close and stop the dye pigments from building up inside of them.

Moisturize your skin, paying special attention to the wrists, elbows, hands, feet, and ankles, before you begin tanning. The rest of your body is less likely to experience dryness than these areas. Your skin’s barrier is formed by moisturizing, which stops too much color pigment from absorbing into it. You may be interested in Can You Shave After a Spray Tan?

How Should Your Skin Be Cared For After Getting Rid Of Fake Tan?

Certain self-tans (but not Sunny Honey!) can be quite drying, and some of the tan-removal methods used above (hello, lemon) can sap the skin of even You’ll likely miss that fake glow and discover your skin is a little bit dull if you don’t add MORE moisture. The extra care you give your skin after getting rid of a tan is therefore crucial.

When To Reapply Tan?

While it may be tempting to simply apply one tan after another, it is crucial to first remove any remaining color. In addition to preventing streaks, patches, and an uneven fade, this will guarantee a gorgeous, even color.


Before they enter the studio, some people start worrying about how to get rid of a spray tan. If applied improperly, a fake tan can have terrible consequences. To get rid of the fake tan at home, either wait for it to fade naturally or follow some easy instructions.

Using a fake tan remover as the first step will help you do this. If you don’t have access to a fake tan remover, you can exfoliate, use baking soda, or squeeze some lemon juice on the marks to get rid of them. Last but not least, shave your body hair and apply baby oil to your skin to keep it hydrated and avoid any tanning accidents.

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