How to Fill in Eyebrows Like a Pro? Easy Steps

eyebrows how to fill in
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To achieve your best brow look, learn how to fill in your eyebrows.

Some people have eyebrows that are completely lacking, extremely sparse, or bushy. An awkward brow shape can result from a bad eyebrow wax, excessive home tweezing, or brow thinning.

Using particular methods, tools, and colors when filling in your brows, you can clean them up however messy your brows are in a way that makes them look natural.

  • Brush Your Brows!
  • Choose a Color
  • Select the Right Tools and Products
  • Start to Fill
  • Shape Your Eyebrows
  • Brush It All Out Again

A flawless makeup application can be enhanced by well-done brows. Additionally, well-groomed brows will make your eyes stand out. We’ll show you the proper techniques for lining brows.

Before You Start

Your brow shape should come first and foremost. Use the examples above as a starting point to get a good idea of how to maintain your brow in accordance with its natural brow shape. Starting with the first, take your brow pencil and align it with your nose and the inner corner of your eye.

The beginning of your brow should be here. Line up your pencil from the middle of your eyeball to your nose, and then cut it in half. Your arch ought to be located here.

Last but not least, line up the pencil from your nose to the outer eye to determine where your brow should end (because nothing is worse than when people go way too far out). Your brow ought to stop here.

eyebrows how to fill in

How to Fill in Your Eyebrows?

Here is a quick guide to making eyebrows. The eyebrows should be brushed with an eyebrow brush. Now, shape them with a pencil that matches the color of your hair and eyebrows.

Brush Your Brows!

I admit to never having done this. The brushy part on the end of this eyebrow brush is a spoolie brush, which you can use to lightly comb your brows on occasion.). Get your brow hairs in the proper position by trimming any errant hairs. It’s kind of amazing what this single step can do to improve the appearance of your brows almost immediately.

Choose a Color

Choose a color that is one or two shades lighter than the natural shade of your brows if you have dark hair. To deepen your brows, on the other hand, if you have light hair, you can choose a tone that is half to one shade darker.

Select the Right Tools and Products

Beginners can test out the well-liked Japonesque Eyebrow Kit, which includes all the equipment required to define your brows. If you’re buying products separately, decide whether an eyebrow powder, pencil, or mousse would work best for you and your brows.

When you’re just getting started, it will take some time to learn which tools work best for your brows and how to use the product correctly for the best results:

eyebrows how to fill in
  • If you’re using a powder, get a stiff angled brush. The brush’s stiff bristles give you excellent control when applying the product and defining the shape of your eyebrows. In order to best conceal your hair growth, apply the powder at an angle.
  • Those choosing a pencil will find that they’re great for filling in sparse spots. In the bare spots, lightly draw hair strokes to let them work their magic. If necessary, you can also use an eyebrow brush or a stiff angled brush to soften the lines in this area.
  • When opting for a mousse, you can cover gray brows, instantly deepen hair color, and provide some holding power. Just apply mascara to your lashes and stroke it onto your brows; avoid applying additional coats to your brows.

To prevent your brows from smudging while wearing powder or a pencil, you can use brow wax. But mousse will naturally dry.

Try experimenting with an eyebrow revitalizer like Talika Lipocils ($60), which can encourage growth, if you find that your brows are sparse as a result of stress, aging, or thyroid problems.

Start to Fill

I enjoy dipping my angled brow brush into the pressed powder on both sides. Before beginning, tap off any extra powder. This will minimize any powder that may fall onto your face and ensure that you aren’t using too much product on your brows.

Then, starting from the inner corner of your eye, fill in your brows. I gently press down with the brush angled down and start to pull up a little. To make your work appear as natural as possible, you should imitate strokes.

For things to look natural, move in the direction that the hairs in that area are growing—if they are growing upward, do that; if they are growing outward toward the outer eye, do that.

Shape Your Eyebrows

eyebrows how to fill in

Consider what would best suit your face shape when it comes to shaping your eyebrows for a natural (rather than dramatic) look. The main goal is to give the image some shape by applying short, hair-like strokes. Make sure your brows are not too harsh or squared off in the front.

Additionally, avoid overextending the end of your eyebrow, which can make your face look slack. A simple and smooth curve is preferable to an arch that is too pointy or exaggerated for a natural appearance.

Brush It All Out Again

Yes, give it another brush, as this aids in blending the makeup evenly throughout the brow and softening the application of the makeup. additionally enables you to determine what you missed. If there are any gaps, fill them in.

Mistakes to Avoid When Doing Your Eyebrows

  • You can make your brow hair fall downward by brushing it outward. Instead, raise your brush upward.
  • Use a narrow brush instead of a thick one to create thin, precise lines on the brows.
  • Don’t use a very dark color, eyebrows should complement makeup and not stand out too much from it
  • Be careful not to press too hard or draw any sharp lines.
  • When shaping your brows, avoid using a concealer that is too light or dark.

How Do Beginners Fill in Eyebrows Thin?

  1. Brush them through.
  2. To position, your eyebrows where you want them, run eyebrow gel through them.
  3. To shape your brows so that they pull outward in the end, start by shaping them from underneath with a brow pencil.
  4. Shape an arch by lightly going over the brow. Draw hairs in the bald spots by gently tracing across the front of your brow. The underside and end should be darker.
  5. Use a flat brush to apply concealer to carve out areas. Re-brush your brows.

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