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Lip Liner
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We often find that we need Lipliner in our daily life, but you may find it difficult to find the best way to use Lipliner. Whether you want to make your lips fuller, clearer, and more structured, Lipliner is the best choice for shaping the ideal lip shape. We may need to learn the best way to use it.

We have sorted out some key skills for the correct use of Lipliner and some interesting skills to make the use process more enjoyable.

What Is Lip Liner?

Lipliner is a makeup product that adds pigment to the lips. It can create dimensions and obvious lines between the lips and the skin. There are three kinds of Lipliner: Pencil Lipliner, roll Lipliner, and crayon Lipliner. You can grind the pencil lip line very thin, and the lip-curling line and crayon lip line have thicker nibs, which are more suitable for increasing the volume. Lip Liner comes in many colors, from neutral pink and brown to bold red and purple.

What Does Lip Liner Do?

usage of a Lip Liner
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Lip Liner paints and outlines your lips to create definitions or increase volume. When you apply lipstick or other lip makeup products, using an Eyeliner Pen to draw the lip area can also be used as a contour line.

What Do You Need?

Lip products and tools that you will use to create a complete lip makeup are exactly the same, and you will use a more natural shape. It’s all in technology (more below). No matter what kind of lip makeup you want to make, here’s what you need to start:

Lip scrub: Lipstick looks smoothest when your lips are softest. If your lips feel dry or even chapped, use a mild exfoliating product, such as naked cosmetics vanilla cream lip scrub, to remove dead skin. This lip scrub contains vitamin E and moisturizing oil to moisturize your lips and make it easy to apply lipstick (without pulling or flaking). It also smells like vanilla, which basically makes it a cooler brother for lip Smackers.

Lipstick: once your lips are smooth and even, use good lipstick to maintain this state. Choose a sunscreen formula for use during the day (yes, your lips will also get sunburned) and an additional waxy formula to moisturize your lips when you sleep at night. If you’ve tried all the pharmacy options and want something new, check out our guide, hipster’s favorite lipstick, and coloring lipstick.

Lipliner: for natural daytime makeup, you need to choose a Lipliner that is close to your natural lip color. For bold or bright lip colors, choose a Lipliner that matches lipstick and is easy to mix. Choose a set, such as Belle en argent next door 2D Creme lip makeup set, and match it with a lip gloss and Lipliner, so you don’t have to guess about the color matching. You can also choose a slightly darker color or a contrast color to play Ombr é effect or other blending techniques.

Lip Brush (optional): mix Lipliner and lipstick with your fingertips or old-fashioned paper towels. But if you want to be more precise, buy yourself a lip brush. ROYAL & LANGNICKEL M Ō DA ® Ezglam Duo – luscious lips feature two different lip brushes that you can use to easily create a variety of looks.

Lipstick (optional): Yes, you can only draw Lipliner – it will make your lip line clearer and fuller, and make your lip color look more natural. For more color and texture, choose lipstick. Do not know which color or recipe to choose? Check out our favorite nude, matte, liquid, and red lipstick for more inspiration.

Lip Gloss (optional): applying lip gloss in the middle of your lips is one of the best ways to make your lips look fuller. This subtle texture change will make your lips look softer. Of course, you can also apply it to lipstick to produce a smooth and shiny effect.

Concealer: you can use concealer to sharpen the lip line and remove any stains. If you have fat on your lips, go one step further and apply concealer to your lips. This will mask your natural lip line and make it easier to draw bold new lip lines

How to Apply Lip Liner?

1. Prepare Your Lips

First, don’t ignore your lips. It is common to have dry lips, dry skin, and scales. However, focusing on keeping your lips smooth and hydrated will go a long way. There are simple ways to make sure your lips look and feel hydrated. First, exfoliate the lips to remove excess dead skin, and then apply a layer of hydrating lipstick

Preparing your lips at night is also a very simple way to ensure that your lips work 24 hours a day. Apply a layer of lip film before going to bed so that you can see super soft lips when you wake up in the morning. I use this lip mask for milk makeup, which is very suitable for instant hydration. The best thing about the lip mask is that you can wear it at any time of the day to give yourself good hydrating care. If you apply too much, use a paper towel or finger to suck away the excess.

2. Assess Your Lip Shape

Everyone’s lip shape is different. The best thing you can do is to evaluate and really understand your lip shape before drawing the lip line. Look in the mirror and ask yourself a few questions. “What do I like about my lips?” And “what do I want to change them?” It’s two good starts. You may have a fuller lower lip and want to improve the shape of the upper lip, or you may want to create a fuller circumference. Determining what you already like and what you want to adjust is the key to understanding how to make the most of the liner.

3. Track Your Shapes

Once you have found the most suitable Lipliner, you can skillfully draw the area around the lips you want to focus on. For example, if you want to make your upper lip look fuller, you can gently smear it around your upper lip and exaggerate it a little to make your lips look fuller and more realistic.

A very common rule of thumb is that a nude Lipliner can be used with any color of lipstick and is a good foundation for improving lip shape. If you don’t like nude eyeliner, make sure your eyeliner is as close to the lipstick you want to apply as possible to ensure that there are no obvious lines.

4. Create A Small Shadow

Use the eyeliner to draw full lips, and use the eyeliner to draw a small shadow in the center of the lower lip. This will give people an illusion that the lower lip is much fuller than it really is. This is a technique I often use to enhance the shape of my lips when taking photos. Exaggerate the color here a little, imitate the shadow effect, and make the lips look fuller

The balance of lip shape is very important, so once you have determined your desired lip shape, pay attention to what you need to adjust and balance everything. Now it’s time to put on lipstick. You can choose any lipstick color you want, which is what makes it interesting.

5. Clean Edges

If you overdraw your line or find that you need to clean the edges a little, it’s perfectly fine. There are several ways to keep your lips clean. I smooth it gently with my fingers so that everything looks tight. Another thing you can do is gently smear Concealer around your lips and mix it with a brush to highlight the shape of your lips. You can also use a thin, precise cotton swab to gently scrape off excess eyeliner to maintain a clean shape.

How to Choose a Lip Liner?

types of lip liner

You can try different lip liner colors to create bold or natural makeup. Here are some suggestions to help you choose the right Lipliner:

1. Consider your natural skin color. When choosing Lipliner, choose according to your skin type and natural background color. Cool skin has a blue hue, so purple, lavender or blue lip liner can enhance your natural skin tone. If your skin is warm, you can choose orange or red lip liner, such as peach or coral.

2. Decide how much clarity your lipstick needs. Different lip liner has different benefits. The slim lip pencil has the thinnest tip, which can make a more accurate lip line, while the crayon or lip curling line can draw a softer and thicker lip line.

3. Look for a durable lip pen. Adding a durable Lipliner to your makeup bag can help keep your lip makeup in place for as long as possible without getting dirty.

4. Lipliner should match the color of lipstick. Use a Lipliner to outline your lips and apply matching lipstick. Without makeup, choose a lipstick that is close to your natural lip color, or try a bold red lipstick.

5. Choose a moisturizing Lipliner. If you have dry skin, you can choose a lip liner that contains nourishing ingredients without sulfate and cruel ingredients, such as jojoba oil, coconut oil, and hyaluronic acid. Matte lipstick will dry your lips, so use other lip moisturizers, such as lipstick or oily lipstick, to complete your makeup, or keep dry lips hydrated at night.


Congratulations, I believe that through this article, you have mastered the skills of shaping lips. When you become more and more skilled in using various lip liners, the situation will only get better. Whether you are a neutral color or a bright and powerful lip color, we all believe that from now on, your Lipliner will work very well every time.

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