City Lips Review: Does It Work?

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Do you want to alter the texture or shape of your lips? City Beauty’s plumping lip gloss, City Lips, makes the claim that it can add life to your dry, thinning lips without the use of uncomfortable injections. In this article, we’ll examine city lips for you to see if it functions. Please keep reading.

What Is City Lips?

When Victoria Renee founded the company City Beauty in 2002, she introduced a line of lip-plumping products under the name City Lips. After years of fruitless searching for a product to help her thin lips, she decided to launch her own company that would instantly and permanently plump lips.

With its ground-breaking formula that was simultaneously smoothing, hydrating, and volumizing, City Beauty’s The City Lips Plumping Lip Gloss launched everything.

City Lips gained popularity along with the brand, which developed and expanded into additional lip care, body treatments, face masks, moisturizers, and other cosmetic products.

Additionally, City Lips is renowned for its dedication to developing formulas that have undergone extensive testing and use only the best ingredients to ensure the security and satisfaction of its customers. City Beauty is a research-based, cruelty-free company that has established itself as a leader in the lip care market.

Ingredients Of City Lips

The company website contains a complete list of the ingredients in City Lips. Most ingredients serve as emollients, moisturizers, thickening agents, skin conditioners, preservatives, penetration boosters, dispersing agents, solvents, and fragrances.

Let’s examine some of the ingredients in more detail.

  • Dipalmitoyl Hydroxyproline: Dipalmitoyl hydroxyproline, a component of collagen derived from plants, is frequently used as an anti-aging ingredient and works to increase its stability. It can improve the production of collagen in your body when used in cosmetic products, giving you a firmer, plumper appearance.
  • Sodium Hyaluronate: Because it instantly smoothes out the skin and gives lips plumper, firmer appearance, sodium hyaluronate, also known as hyaluronic acid, is a common component in lip fillers. However, there is less proof that this substance, when applied topically, does anything other than moisturize your skin.
  • The company doesn’t elaborate on what it means when it says that its hyaluronic acid is “precision-engineered to be absorbed through the skin,” as claimed by City Beauty.
  • Oligopeptides: Oligopeptides assist your body in producing collagen by providing a variety of natural amino acids. According to a study on oligopeptides cited by City Beauty, following four weeks of treatment, the substance reduced lip wrinkles by 29% and increased lip volume by 40%. Again, we were unable to find this particular study.

In general, the majority of City Lips ingredients are used to hydrate the skin, increase your body’s natural collagen production, and plump up the skin. The fact that the majority of their claimed advantages relate to injection use is our biggest worry.

These ingredients might have some moisturizing effects when used topically in lip gloss, but these are probably only going to last a short while. The likelihood that a product like this will have little to no effect on your collagen levels is very low.

How Does City Lips Work?

A lip gloss called City Lips claims to have both short-term and long-term plumping effects. The manufacturer asserts that it has the components needed for intense hydration, which results in a fuller pout.

Although anyone can use City Lips, this product is primarily targeted at those who have dry, thinning lips or are beginning to show signs of aging.

It is regarded as being suitable for all skin types and is free of ingredients that could be harmful, including mineral oil, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and common allergens like gluten and nuts.

Your lips share the same characteristics as aging skin in that they become dry and wrinkled over time. Reduced collagen levels are the main cause of this. Exposure to the sun and pollution are just two of the many factors that cause this natural compound to degrade over time.

In contrast to traditional lipgloss, which only gives the appearance of bigger lips temporarily, City Lips uses nourishing ingredients to enhance the appearance of your lips now while encouraging your body to produce more collagen naturally over time.

The company asserts that this produces outcomes comparable to lip injections without the expense or potential risks.

city lips

Apply a generous amount of your chosen shade to your lips to use it. Wait at least two to three minutes before adding another lip product on top so that it has time to set. Although the gloss should start working in ten minutes, if you use it frequently, you can expect the results to get better over time.

Benefits Of City Lips

City Lips has countless advantages to offer. Only a few noteworthy advantages will be listed here:

  • Easy to apply, just goes on like regular lip gloss
  • Long-term results should be prevalent within 30 days of daily use
  • Safe for anyone to use, including those who are pregnant or nursing
  • Instant results should be prevalent within 4-6 hours
  • Lips should increase in size by 3mm
  • No surgery or injections required
  • Can be used as many times as desired

Price Of City Lips

City Lips currently cost $35 for each 0.16-oz tube, plus $4.95 for shipping. If you enroll in the monthly auto-ship program and consent to get a new delivery every 30 days, you can save at least 11% on each order and be eligible for free shipping.

The price of the auto-ship decreases as you make larger, lump-sum purchases:

  • One: $31 each
  • Two: $29.50 each ($59 total)
  • Three: $26 each ($78 total)

Contact customer service at (800) 347-1558 or [email protected] at any time if you decide to stop receiving future shipments.

All City Beauty products purchased from the official website are eligible for a 60-day money-back guarantee, irrespective of the method of payment. This implies that you can test your purchase within that time frame and return it for any reason to get a full refund, less shipping costs.

How To Use City Lips?

Apply the City Lips formula once daily for best results, which should appear after 15 to 30 days of consistent use. If applied at night, it will work best and is safe to use as many times as desired. Instant results should be commonplace in about 5 to 10 minutes. Apply before lipstick to ensure that the treatment is absorbed completely.

Customer Reviews

  • After wearing it for about five minutes, I could actually feel it working. It makes you appear more chubby. It also feels wonderful on the lips.
  • Even after washing it off, my lips continued to burn despite the product’s claims that it won’t burn. My lips turned bright red quickly after applying the product. The product in my box was a complete waste because it was disposed of immediately.
  • I was hesitant to use this product, but as soon as I did, I completely changed my mind. I use it frequently and will soon purchase more to satisfy my addiction. Thank you Glossybox, it really is that good!
  • This was awful stuff. My lips were irritated, extremely red, and burned as a result. I had to throw it away.

The Bottom Line

The lip-plumping product from City Beauty receives raving reviews that seem well deserved. This gloss has a good mix of nourishing components that also appear to have some promise in terms of anti-aging properties. Anyone who applies it once daily for 30 days will see results; real women have reported real and amazing results after just a few weeks of use.

Always keep in mind that delaying the effects of aging is always preferable to treating them after they occur. Avoid the sun as much as possible, use sunscreen when necessary, and properly hydrate your face.

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