How Can I Do Perfect Ombre Lips? Easy Steps

Ombre Lips
August 9, 2022 0 Comments

Ombre is the term for two monochromatic, distinct colors.Ombre hair color and nail art have been popular lately. Furthermore, ombre lips are now a thing. It could come off as extremely tacky if not done properly.

It’s also not that difficult to achieve ombre lips. The trick is to experiment with colors and pick ones that blend well. To learn how to do ombre lips, keep reading this article. 

Easy Steps Of Ombre Lips

Color Selection

Knowing which two colors will go well together to produce the desired effect is the first step.
Choose one color to serve as your primary lip color when choosing your colors. Then decide whether you want your accent color to be darker or lighter than your base color.  But make sure the color is comparable.

Use a red lipstick and pair it with the darkest shade of brown you have to get the best effect for ombre lips. However, to begin with, you should choose a dark brown or pink to go with your red.

Use an orange or brown lipstick for the ombre effect if you choose to use pink as your base color. Use two hues that can be blended together to give your lips a gradient of color if you want to achieve this look.


The next step is to decide on your approach. You can make the color gradient for a DIY ombre lip in a number of ways. Having one lip darker than the other, using a gradient from the outermost edge to the innermost portion of the lips. Going across horizontally so that one corner of your mouth is paler than the other.

  • Line for Ombre Lips

If you want an ombre lip look to last, lip liner is your best friend. A lip pencil that closely resembles the color of the lipstick you’ll be using as a topcoat, such as Lasting Finish 1000 Kisses Lip Liner, is a good option.

After choosing your color, trace it along the lip line and fill in the top and bottom lips. This will serve as a lip art primer to keep it flawless from day to night.

Ombre Lips
  • Choose Your Lipstick Shades

Let’s first talk about texture. Matte lipstick is the best choice for an ombre lip because satin or gloss lipsticks have a tendency to blend together, which is not ideal for a two-tone appearance.

Choose Stay Matte Liquid Lip Color in two velvety shades, one deep and one light, making sure the tones blend together to form a smooth gradient.

Need some color inspiration? Think dark chocolate brown against a softer nude or a rich burgundy against a vibrant crimson.

  • Start with the Darkest Lipstick

If you want ombre lips, use Stay Matte Liquid Lip Color. The waterproof, kiss-proof, and touch-proof formula along with the wand applicator ensures you have ultra-precision. not. budge.

Apply your darkest shade first, tracing the lip line with the tip of the wand, and then lightly blending pigment inward with your fingertips or a dry, clean cotton bud.

  • Go Light in the Middle

Apply the lighter shade to your lips’ center once the darkest shade has dried. Then, using the tip of your finger, blend the liquid lipstick slightly outwards, but not all the way to the edge of your lips, so that it only slightly overlaps your darker lipstick. 

Outer Devil

The next method of utilizing the colors is to lip line with a lipliner that is one shade darker than your base lipstick shade. Keep the line thicker on the corners and taper it off as you approach the curve of the lips.

Next, fill in the lips with the base lipstick, avoiding the innermost part of the lips. Use the lighter lipstick in the innermost part and finish with clear gloss to even everything out.

Inner Devil

This method is a straightforward inversion of the one that came before. Use colors in reverse so that the innermost portion of the lip is darker and the colors lighten as you move out.

The gradient difference should not be too extreme for this technique to look good. The best combination is a neutral outer layer with a pink innermost layer.

Ombre Lip Tricks

Have you got the desire to advance your ombre lip trend? Try these tricks for gradient pout perfection…

Highlight The Cupid’s Bow

Combining it with ombre lips will give you a seriously plumped-up appearance because the hack makes your lips look instantly fuller.

Simply place your preferred Instagram strobe over the cupid’s bow, ensuring that the edges are blended. Look on lockdown for selfie-ready makeup.

Pair With Matte Foundation

Apply a full coverage, velvety base that completes the sultry vibe of ombre lips if you want to go for the full Insta-glam beauty look. 

With a mousse formula that feels incredibly lightweight and a perfected finish that feels comfortable on skin, Lasting Matte Foundation is our ride-or-die product.

Add A Touch Of Gloss

By dabbing lip gloss in the exact middle of the lips, ombre lip art will glow. For a shine that flatters everyone and increases moisture, try Oh My Gloss! Lip Gloss in Crystal Clear. Just a tiny bit will make your lips appear luminous; avoid using too much.

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