How To Make Brown Eyes Pop?

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Whether your eyes are a light chocolate color or coffee-colored, brown eyes usually make a statement, and highly purples, splendid grays, and sultry silvers will make them brighter than ever before. How to make your brown eyes pop? Here are detailed tips for you.

Choosing Eyeshadow Colors Based On Eye Color

Eyeshadows are available in all colors of the rainbow, so finding the right color palette for your eye color may require time and patience. As a general rule of thumb, select options on the color wheel – a circle illustration illustrating the connections between different colors – that oppose your eye color to produce a pleasing visual discrepancy.

Brown is a neutral color, so it’s not on the color wheel, meaning that brown eyes can pair with nearly any eyeshadow color on request. Still, some colors such as purple, gray, and gold – make brown eyes pop.

3 Factors To Consider When Choosing Eyeshadow For Brown Eyes

Before selecting an eyeshadow palette for your brown eyes, consider the following factors

Eye Color

Different eyeshadow colors can alter the appearance of your eye color. Therefore, you should consider the shade of your brown eyes when selecting eyeshadow colors. Darker brown eyes pair with warmer tones, as these colors buck up the eyes. On the other hand, lighter brown eyes can handle dark eyeshadow colors.


Skin tone refers to your skin color, and the undertone is the shade within that color, just below your skin’s surface. There are three types of undertones: warm, cold, and neutral. For skin tones with a cooler hue, choose a taupe or ivory eyeshadow as a blend base. For warmer skin tones, use pink or brown shades, similar to mauve or faceless. Neutral skin tones can play around with a combination of these colors to produce a look that appears utmost natural. Learn how to identify your skin’s undertone.

4 Eyeshadow Colors To Make Brown Eyes Pop

Brown eyes can handle a variety of makeup colors, but the following shades serve to enhance their natural beauty. 

Gold Shades

Golden eyeshadow with brown eyes is a winning combination. utmost brown eyes have flecks of golden or yellow colors, especially when they hit the sun. Brown eyes also tend to have a natural sparkle, so golden eyeshadows, similar to bobby, citation, rose gold, and shimmery yellow, enhance their golden tones. Use gold eyeshadow for a casual lunch date or sultry evening look. Add a darker shimmer to the crease of your eyelids to depict the look.

Gray Hues

Gray is a pleasing contrast to brown, so pairing cool metallic shades with your naturally warm brown eyes will amplify their color. For a classic hoarse eye, use a dark slate eyeshadow and blend it with neutral browns. Use a shimmering tableware eyeshadow or eyeliner pencil to highlight your eyes further.

Matte Browns

 While it seems counterintuitive, dull brown eyeshadow intensifies brown eyes. To produce contrast, choose shades of brown that oppose your eye color. For illustration, use light brown eyeshadows to make dark brown eyes pop.


Purple eyeshadow comes in colorful tones, from soft lavender to striking violet, making them a protean eye makeup option. Purple is a stark discrepancy to brown eyes, allowing the eye color to stand out against the makeup. For day looks, stick to lighter tones of purple and use darker tones for the evening. Use purple eyeshadow to produce a smokey eye look by smirching purple and black eyeshadow in the outer corners of your eyes.

Hair Color

Hair color is another factor to consider when opting for a makeup palette. For instance, brown eyes may blend in with darker hair colors, so consider using warmer eyeshadows to make your eyes pop. For lighter hair colors, use cooler eyeshadow tones to round the natural brilliance of your hair.

5 Ways To Make Brown Eyes Pop

Gold Smokey Eye

A simple smokey eye creates a sultry and sexy look with dramatic eye makeup. This look isn’t for everyday use unless that’s your vibe, also more power to you! The golden smokey eye look is perfect for an intimate date night or birthday celebration. The black shadow on the outer corner creates depth and leaves the lid space with a lot of room for creativity. Since we’re wanting to make those brown eyes pop, we need to throw a wash of gold shadow across the lid to balance the dark outer corner. The contrasts of light and dark bring out a golden shade in brown eyes.

Soft Glam With a Pop Of Color

This look is perfect for a brunch with the girls where you know a few Instagram films will be taken. We don’t want those brown eyes getting lost in the shuffle. Take a wash of golden-brown shadow across the lid to keep the look simple. When it comes to the lower lash line that’s where the wow factor comes in. Take an emerald green eyeliner and smirch it along the lower lash line as well as the water line.

Purple Eyeliner

The color purple is a stylish match for brown eyes. Whether it’s a deep purple or lilac eyeliner, it’s the perfect look to make those eyes pop. The girly and edgy tones of purple contradict the richness of brown eyes to produce enough fantastic eye makeup. This look can range from a subtle wash under the eyes during the day to a full-on dramatic sect at night to make a bold statement.

Blue Eyeliner

A vibrant royal blue eyeliner isn’t reserved just for blue or green eyes. This eyeliner does prodigies for deep brown eyes. Take a blue eyeliner and carve the under eye with any thickness preferred. This really draws attention to the richness of brown eyes. perk points, if you incorporate blue makeup in the lower eyelashes it can consolidate the electric blue liner. This look is perfect for a delightful night out bar hopping or attending a rock show.

Black Eyeliner Tight Lining The Eyes

Typically black eyeliner would close off the eyes and make them look smaller. Still, with brown eyes, a black liner tracing the eye provides a dark background for the eyes to pop. It makes the sclera, the white space around the brown iris, appear brighter and it enhances dark eyelashes. 

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