How Long Does Hair Toner Last?-Ways to Preserve It

how long does hair toner last
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Having vibrant and colorful hair means that every time you look in the mirror and take a great picture, you will feel very happy and excited! Of course, even with semi-permanent hair color, you will want to keep the color intact for as long as possible. Fortunately, hair powder, the secret ingredient of hair dyes, can be used for several weeks after dyeing. So how long can the toner stay on your hair? Well, the exact time depends on many factors, such as what you use to make  Toner, your hair care habits, and other products you use during this period.

What is Hair Toner?

Toner is a product used by hair stylists to personalize your appearance or achieve a beautiful platinum tone that you have been longing for a long time.

Such products themselves are not permanent “dyes”. Although it looks colorful, its formula can enhance and eliminate stubborn dark colors during bleaching. Because almost all hair has some warm red tone, when the hair is bleached, the warm essence will be revealed. Because of this, the darker the hair color, the more difficult it is to erase the orange and red background at once.

Of course, toners don’t just have to become platinum. They can also soften your hair, give it another color according to the color you choose, enhance it, increase the depth and richness, and so on.

There is almost no ammonia in the toner, which means that they will be washed away gradually. Ammonia is an alkaline chemical that can penetrate the hair and make the color of the hair reach the core of the hair.

Because the ammonia content of Toner s very low, they are more like a protective film to protect hair. Because they are milder, they are good for any type of hair, even damaged hair.

Nowadays, it is as feasible to do hair at home as it is to do it in a beauty salon because lotion comes in a variety of forms – from shampoo to conditioner and other treatments. That said, please note that salon lotion is usually more effective because they have more pigments than the conventional pigments you will find in ordinary hair care products.

How Long Does Hair Toner Last?

According to many factors, including those beyond your control, the toner you left from the salon should be available for about 6 weeks. However, its gradual disappearance does not mean that your hair will immediately get those brass tones. If you wash your hair often, it can last a shorter time. On the contrary, if you don’t wash your hair often, it will increase the life of your lotion.

Other factors that affect your hair include:

Hard water

The water you use to shower and bathe contains many minerals, some of which may cause great damage to your skin and hair.


Your hair is vulnerable to free radicals from air pollution. Free radicals are very active molecules that can damage your cells. When they come from the outside, they may interfere with your chemically stained hair and produce unpredictable reactions.


If a person with natural blond hair wants to protect his hair from harmful external factors, then those with bleached, blond hair should pay more attention.

Chlorine in pool water is a harmful chemical to hair. It attacks hair color and filaments, making them vulnerable to a variety of damage, including peeling bleach or friendly products.

When you are in the swimming pool, you’d better protect your hair from the sun, because as we all know, ultraviolet rays will not only hurt your skin but also your hair.

UV Overexposure

Recently, people have been highly aware of the damage of ultraviolet rays to the skin and have begun to understand the need for products with high sun protection factors. But the sun’s intense ultraviolet rays can also affect your hair – it brightens your hair in the summer, doesn’t it?

How to Preserve Hair Toner

how long does hair toner last

If you have the gray hair that you long for, don’t you want it to be like this forever?

Forever is definitely an impossible goal when it comes to hair shaping!

However, you can certainly do something with your hair to make sure it looks good for a long time. They are as follows:

Work Professionally

We’re not stopping your DIY hair adventure. But to achieve the tone you want, you’d better go to the salon so that you have a good foundation. Professional-grade products have a longer service life.

In addition, they can really determine the color, shadow, or tone you want.

However, if you choose to do it yourself, you can do it yourself. Just remember to choose high-quality products and at least learn about the color table, so that you can know which colors can be removed to create the desired hair color.

Do Not Wash Hair for at Least 48 Hours after Toning

After finishing your hair, hair professionals will tell you how to properly care for your hair. One of the most common instructions they give is not to wash your hair for 48 hours after surgery.

You need to give your hair enough time to absorb the product. The more products you absorb, the better your shaping effect will be.

If you wash your hair within 48 hours, most of the toner applied to your hair will be washed away.

Don’t Wash Too Often

Even if you use Toner, you should avoid washing your hair often. It is OK to wash your hair every three days or more, especially if your hair is not very dirty.

Wash less and use less shampoo to help maintain the effect of toner. This is because it will prevent you from removing most of the shampoo from your hair.

Buy Yourself Some Toning Shampoo

If you want to make sure your new hair color lasts long, you also need some Toner. Just make sure you only use lotion after 48 hours.

The beauty of shaping shampoo is that it helps maintain your hair. It avoids copper because it also has some tinting properties.

Although it is not as strong as other toners, the small pigments in it help to maintain your beautiful hair color.

Things You Can Not Do

To prevent the lotion from falling off your hair, you should avoid exposing your hair to salt water. The saltiness of the beach water will accelerate the fading of the toner.

In addition, you should also avoid always exposing your hair to the sun. Put on some clothes to cover yourself, or stay indoors more.

Even if you often wash your hair with a toning shampoo, you can wash off the effect of the toner. If you wash your hair with a shampoo containing sodium dodecyl sulfate, your hair will fade faster.

The ordinary shampoo will remove the dirt on the hair and the pigment of toner. Sodium dodecyl sulfate (a common ingredient in shampoo) has a good cleaning effect. Therefore, in order to prolong the effect of toner, regular use of shampoo should be avoided.


Blond or grayish-white hair is possible due to the use of toner. Without toner, your pale hair may turn cream-yellow or rust orange. Toner will not add color to the hair but will offset other colors of the hair and make the hair look better.

Generally, the effect of toner lasts for an average of 2-6 weeks. The exact time depends on many factors, such as the type of hair gel you use.

In order to prolong the effect of hair hydration, you can do the following things:

  • Hair coloring is done by professionals.
  • Avoid cleaning during the first 48 hours
  • Use lotion
  • Avoid frequent Shampoo
  • Avoid seawater and excessive sunlight
  • Do not use detergent containing sodium dodecyl sulfate

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