Winged Eyeliner For Hooded Eyes: 7 Easy Steps

winged eyeliner for hooded eyes
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One of those minor details that can have a major effect is eyeliner. A little color on your lash line can improve the color, shape, and overall appearance of your eyes, whether you’re going for a traditional cat-eye or a more contemporary neon look.

Getting this seductive eyeliner look just right may seem like an impossible goal if you have hooded eyes. Read this article and learn how to do a perfect winged eyeliner for hooded eyes in 7 easy steps!

What Is A Hooded Eye

The term “hooded eye” refers to an eye shape where nearly the entire lid space is covered when your eyes are open, although there is a spectrum from slightly to very hooded.

The skin around your eyes folds over your crease instead of exposing the lid, revealing only your lash line. They can also get worse with age, but they are genetic and entirely normal.

The movement of the skin into that fold can warp a wing drawn on while your eyes are closed because it causes a fold at the outside corner of your eye. It’s not the worst thing in the world, but it can be fixed with a little skill.

Steps Of Winged Eyeliner For Hooded Eyes

Prepare Your Eyelids

Wait! You might be itching to apply your eyeliner directly and begin applying your hooded eye makeup. To ensure that your wings look intense and sharp all day, prepare your eyelids before applying eyeliner.

To establish a uniform and smooth base on your eyelids, prime them with foundation or concealer before setting it with powder. Your eyeliner will last longer and look more dramatic when your eyelids are primed.

If you don’t want your eyelids to stand out from the rest of your face makeup, make sure the foundation or concealer shade matches. 

One dot of foundation or concealer should be enough to prime each eyelid. Blend the product in with a blending brush after applying it sparingly to the eyelids.

Give your eyelids an flawless, airbrushed appearance by using a fluffy powder brush to set the liquid foundation or concealer.

The oils from your eyelids and the liquid base makeup product will cause your eyeliner to smudge and fade throughout the day if you don’t set your eyelids with powder.

Pick An Eyeliner That You Are Most Comfortable With

There are countless options for eyeliner, including gel, liquid, and sketch pens. You don’t have to use the same product just because your best friend uses a pencil eyeliner that she loves.

Try out various eyeliner formulas and designs to find the one that feels most comfortable for you. Picking a smudge-proof eyeliner is the only consideration when choosing an eyeliner for hooded eyes.

A smudge-proof eyeliner will keep your wings clean and precise all day long because the excess skin that folds over at the crease makes hooded eyes more prone to smudging and fading.

winged eyeliner for hooded eyes

Keep Your Eyes Open

It’s typically our first instinct to close our eyes and begin drawing when applying eyeliner to the lash lines.

However, keeping an eye open will actually help you get in better shape. It’s challenging to gauge your wing’s precise distance from the ground when one eye is closed.

You can better understand the type of look you’re creating (as you’re creating it) if you keep an eye open.

Sketch Out Your Shape

Hughes advises beginning slowly and drawing out the eyeliner shape you want before applying it. The general tip is to hold the pencil parallel to your nose and the outer corner of your eye while angling it toward your eyebrow.

So the direction your eyeliner should go is from the tail of your brow to the corner of your eye, then to the corner of your nose.

Hughes advises maintaining as much relaxation as you can in your brows and eyes while you sketch out your shape. Once your face is relaxed, applying eyeliner with wider eyes or raised brows may result in an uneven shape.

Whatever you consider to be your baseline, try to maintain the most neutral expression you can on your face.

Clean Up Your Shape With Concealer

Once you have a general idea of the eyeliner shape you want to achieve, you can get more precise edges by going in with a tiny bit of concealer or by dipping a small brush in makeup remover.

To achieve a more even, symmetrical appearance, repeat steps one and two on your other eye, using the placement of your first eye as a guide. You can sharpen the shape of your eyeliner with a pointed cotton swab for simple cleanup.

The precision tip, when dipped in a little micellar water, makes it simple to sharpen those small details (like the very tip of the wing).

Go Over Your Penciled Wing With A Liquid Formula

Once you’ve drawn a nice, neat, precise shape in pencil, cover it with something much more durable: Hughes prefers to make her own liquid eyeliner with black eyeshadow, setting spray, and other ingredients rather than using the standard formula.

I’ll mix to create a paste later with a thin eyeliner brush. I enjoy using this type of formula to apply eyeliner because it glides; as you can see, it is simply opaque and flowy. Starting at the base of the wing, apply a thin layer of this paste (or your preferred liquid eyeliner formula) directly over the pencil-drawn shape from step one.

Fill in any blank spaces left by the pencil or areas that were drawn on with more sheerness.

Extend The Liquid Liner Across Your Lash Line

Once you are satisfied with the shape of your wings, attach them to your lash line and extend them until they reach the inner corner of your eyes. Instead of attempting to sweep across the entire lash line in one motion, choose a feathering motion to create smaller dashes (that you can connect).

You can fix any mistakes you make with a small detailing brush dipped in makeup remover or concealer, as Hughes reminds us in this tutorial. Even makeup artists get shaky hands and make mistakes.

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