How To Do Doe Eye Makeup?

Eye Makeup
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Attempting to make your eyes pop. Well, there are a number of things you could do to make your eyes look bigger, and more prominent, and using makeup is one of them. However, using makeup to achieve doe eyes is all about technique; you might need to go over your makeup a few times to get it just right.

Why Doe Eyes

People usually focus on the eyes when examining a face, but some pairs of eyes catch their attention more than others. Some women have smaller eyes or eyes with a dimmer color. If you fit this description, doe eyes can enlarge and brighten your eyes. 

There is a trap here, though. The goal is not to simply pile on eyeshadow and mascara until others have no choice but to look at your eyes. You want to appear as though makeup isn’t being worn at all, quite the opposite.

When done correctly, a doe eye gives the impression that your big, bright eyes were a gift from God and not something you worked hard to achieve. If mastering the doe eye seems complicated, you can rest assured that it is not.

Steps Of Doe Eye Makeup

White Eye Shadow Is Your Best Friend

This is crucial for emphasizing the shape of your eyes. Just dot some white liner on the inner corner of your eyes—that should do the trick.

Curl Your Lashes

To enhance the shape of your eyes, you’ll have to first curl your lashes and give them some body before applying mascara. Your eyes will become more open as a result, and your lashes won’t be covering them up.

To really draw attention to your eyes, you might also consider wearing false lashes. Avoid touching up your lower lashes, though, as this will prevent your eyes from appearing smaller than they are.

Do Your Brows

Yes, having thick brows is fantastic. To ensure that they truly complement your facial features, including your eyes, you will need to regularly trim your eyebrows. Keep your eyebrows neat if you want to make your eyes pop with makeup.

Pay Attention To The Creases Of Your Eyes

You must be particularly careful with the placement of the pigment if you want to use makeup to make your eyes stand out. You must make sure to extend your eye shadow all the way up to the extension of your crease when applying it to your eyes. Your eyes will appear larger because more of the area around them will be covered by pigment.

Use The Right Eyeliner The Right Way

Your entire look may succeed or fail depending on the eyeliner you use. To find an eyeliner look that suits you, though, you’ll need to keep experimenting. If you want to make your eyes appear bigger than they actually are, you could start by lining only half of your lower lash line.

You could also experiment with various colors. Consider dark brown rather than black as an example. You could also forgo liquid liner altogether and use kohl or a gel-based alternative.

Play With Colors

When applying eye makeup, using two colors or less can really help your eyes appear bigger. Dark colors, on the other hand, will make your eyes appear smaller because they give the impression that there is less area around your eyes. Light colors, on the other hand, work better.

Layer On Mascara

Who is the star of this makeup look with doe eyes? Your mascara! More specifically, the L’Oréal Paris Bambi Eye Washable Mascara, Lasting Volume. This mascara provides immediate eye-opening results that curl and volumize your lashes thanks to the wide-eyed brush, which has short and long bristles to separate and coat every lash.

The velvety, washable formula applies smoothly for a lifted, elongated fringe without clumps. Start at the base of your lashes and pull the brush up to the tips as you comb through them. Till you get the desired lash look, add more layers.

Eye Makeup

Types Of Doe Eyes

The Chic And Intense Doe Eye

This sophisticated rendition is ideal for a dinner or evening out. She always has the same eye development, but with metallic eyes. Use a silver gray pencil to outline the eyes, then draw a line of slate kohl there. A cloud of copper blush degrades the arcade and the brow, while a silver khaki shade sublimates the mobile eyelid.

A thick layer of black mascara is used to define the eyelashes. Just a touch of beige-brown pink lipstick is added to the mouth to maintain the look’s magnetic intensity. Make sure the satin you choose is smooth and glitter-free.

The Sensual And Sophisticated Doe Eye

This is evidence that makeup can make you look sexy and hot. Intensify the pencil line underneath at the level of the eyelashes. Degrade to a light brown eyebrow and blur the eyelid with a dark brown halo that is stretched outwards and is iridescent. Wrap your skin in a foundation with color to make it look as soft as cashmere.

If you have clear skin or golden brown skin, warm up your cheeks with an apricot or rosewood blush. The outcome can then be fixed by applying a cloud of powder with a brush. Brighten your mouth with a hint of tingling finger foundation, then energize it with a beige lip gloss to counteract this chic dullness.

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