How to Apply Individual Lashes? Step-By-Step

how to apply individual lash
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It takes time, persistence, and practice to apply lashes, especially individual lashes. How to apply individual lashes is explained in this article. Individual lashes can be a quick and simple substitute for conventional strip lashes once you’ve mastered the technique.

False lashes are the perfect option for anyone who wants to sport a bold fringe, but applying them can be not so appealing. Additionally, purchasing individual eyelash extensions might seem like too much of a commitment. Determined to get that false lash beauty look? Instead of using a strip, think about using individual eyelashes.

You can follow the steps for applying individual eyelashes in full on this blog. You’ll become an expert quickly, we guarantee.

What Do You Need?

Individual Lash Adhesive

First, make sure you choose the correct adhesive; avoid accidentally purchasing strip lash adhesive. The outcomes of strip lash adhesive will be different. We only suggest long-lasting individual glues.


The best tweezers for precisely picking up each lash cluster when removing them from the tray and applying them later are pointed ones because they have a more delicate tip. The best tools are a necessity. You may be interested in Allergic To Eyelash Glue: What To Do?

Prepare to Apply

how to apply individual lash

A few more things need to be taken care of before you can apply your new lashes. Cleanse your face, hands, eyes, and eyelashes first. Because the skin around the eyes and the eyes themselves are very sensitive, you should take care to ensure that there is nothing else that could get into your eyes, such as soapy residue. Anything with leftover makeup on it might also have trouble adhering to the adhesive.

Next, use a pair of tweezers to remove the eyelashes from the box. You might need to cut them shorter to achieve the desired result because of their potential length variations. Trim the extensions to resemble your natural lashes more closely for a full, natural look.

Keep them longer if you want something more dramatic. To give the lash a natural curve and help it blend in more seamlessly with your other lashes, you might also want to shape it over your finger.

Glue Those Lashes

Since each lash extension has a very small surface area, it is simpler to dip them in glue than to apply drops of glue to the natural lashes. Pour a small amount at first onto a smooth surface. Alternatively to a small plastic surface that comes with your eyelash kit, this could be a piece of aluminum foil.

For a brief period of time, stir it with a toothpick to make the glue tackier so that it adheres better. Then, using tweezers, grab a lash and dip the end in the glue. In order to prevent the lash from appearing lumpy, try to apply a thin, even layer.

You should now stand in front of a mirror so you can put them on.

Apply Eyelashes to Eyelid

Start in the middle of your eye and work your way out to the edges when affixing the extensions to your lashes. Repeat moving inward, but pay attention to the inner eye area because it is delicate and you don’t want the lash to irritate it.

To achieve a natural appearance, proper eyelash placement is also crucial. To better blend with your natural lashes, keep the extension clusters small. Close your eye and use the tweezers to attach the extension once you’ve decided where to place a lash. It should be placed directly over your natural eyelash. Place the extension close to your eyelid’s skin without actually touching it.

how to apply individual lash

Once the lash has adhered, hold it firmly in place with a cotton swab until the glue has had time to dry. Up to a minute may pass during this. Repeat the process with the remaining lashes after ensuring that it is firmly in place by blinking a few times.

Makeup and Maintenance

Although mascara is not necessary when wearing false eyelashes, you might still want to use a little to help the two sets blend and look more natural. Use water-based mascara only if you try this step. Different kinds might harm the adhesive.

With your fingertips, combine the two sets of lashes while the mascara is still wet. Use eyeliner to fill in any spaces between your natural lashes and the false ones if necessary.

Use cool water to wash your new lashes and stay away from oil-based cleaners to keep them looking good. Avoid rubbing your eyelashes with a towel and instead let them air dry. They will live longer as a result of this.

How to Remove Individual Lashes?

While you may adore having a fringe that would make anyone envious, all good things must come to an end—at least until you apply your next set of individual lashes.

After learning how to apply individual eyelashes, it’s time to learn another crucial skill: removing individual eyelashes. Here are some suggestions for how to properly remove your eyelashes.

Tip 1: Use a Gentle Makeup Remover

Makeup remover can help dissolve your lash glue and make it easier to remove your individual lashes. Since the area around your eyes is delicate, you should choose a gentle formula to avoid irritating or harming either your eyes or your actual eyelashes.

how to apply individual lash

Tip 2: Press, Don’t Rub

Do not rub your eyes while using a makeup remover. Pulling on your natural lashes as a result of rubbing and tugging on individual lashes will have the unintended consequence of making them fall out.

Instead of rushing and vigorously rubbing at your eyes, press the cotton pad gently against your lashes and hold it there to let the micellar water do its magic on your lash glue.

How Long Do Individual Lashes Last?

Mink, silk and synthetic eyelash extensions are the three main types available. The average lifespan of each of these options is six to eight weeks, but the length of time that you actually get out of your extensions depends largely on how long your own lash cycle is—which can last anywhere between two and eight weeks.

Your lashes won’t all fall out at once because they are at various stages of growth at any given time, so you may notice gaps beginning to show a few weeks after the extensions were applied.

Your aftercare will also affect how long your lashes last; fortunately, there are many things you can do at home to help maintain your appearance.

How to Apply Individual Lashes Underneath?

how to apply individual lash
  1. Prep Properly: The most crucial aspect of applying false lashes is where you apply them in order to protect your eyes. Utilize a mirror and a bright light to make sure you aren’t applying glue to your waterline. You’ll be able to see all of your lashes as a result.
  2. Work in Small Pieces: A few daring souls have attempted under lashing with a full strip lash, but according to Simpson, working in smaller sections that are more flexible and straightforward to line up correctly is much simpler. You can choose from lash sets designed specifically for this technique, like those from Lashify and FlutterHabit, or you can cut up your strip lashes, purchase individual lashes, or do all three.
  3. Give It a Beat: Tacky glue has a stronger hold, much like when applying regular eyelashes. Put the glue on the falsies before applying them to your lashes under your lash line, then wait 15 to 30 seconds. Apply the glue only to the side that will be in contact with your lash. Your eye might be touched if it crosses over to the other side.
  4. Plan Ahead: Even the best-laid plans can fail, so according to Simpson, it’s best to be ready for any mishaps by keeping makeup remover and cotton swabs, Q-tips, and/or a washcloth close by. Any glue or residue that gets left behind and into places you don’t want it can be cleaned up with them.


Do You Put Individual Lashes on the Top Or Bottom of Your Eye?

The top or bottom of your eye can be covered with individual eyelashes. Your style and decision are your own. You can add individual eyelashes to the top and bottom of your eyes, on top of your natural lashes.

How Do I Apply Individual False Lashes on Myself as a Beginner?

Reading the step-by-step instructions will ensure that you successfully apply individual false eyelashes. However, here is a summary in case you need it. Mascara should be used as a base coat to give the lashes a fixing and camouflaging point. Apply mascara first.

Tweezers and glue should be prepared. Before applying the glue to the lash bulb, it must be tacky. For best results, position your eyelashes. Begin at the outside of the eye and work your way in.

Achieve the ideal set by persevering until you do. So that they perfectly match your natural lashes, run a fresh mascara brush through each individual lash.

How Do I Apply Cluster Lashes?

Applying cluster lashes is almost identical to fixing individual lashes, but a cluster is exactly what it says on the packets: a collection of lashes grouped together to resemble a fan or cluster. As before, apply cluster lashes, using as few or as many as your taste or fashion dictates.

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