How to Remove Individual Eyelashes at Home?

remove individual eyelashes
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Individual lash removal can be risky; anyone who has tried will understand the agony of unintentionally pulling on their real lash. However, you can easily remove individual eyelashes at home using this guide.

False eyelashes have greatly increased in popularity and are the ideal way to finish off a makeup look. However, taking them off can be difficult and painful for those of us who prefer to get individual lashes done rather than wearing a pair of strip lashes every day.

You might not even be able to remove your false lashes completely on your own, depending on the kind you’re wearing. To help get rid of stray temporary strips and semi-permanent lashes, you can take a few extra steps in your cleansing routine at home.

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Common Ways to Remove Individual Eyelashes

Apply Castor Oil to Your Individual Eyelashes Every Night Before Bed

While you sleep, castor oil has the power to gradually loosen the bond of the eyelash adhesive. As a result, the lashes become floppy and eventually fall out on their own.

When removing the extensions at home, you shouldn’t anticipate them to do so instantly. Only a specialized adhesive remover sold in salons can accomplish this without harming your natural lashes.

In order to strengthen your natural lashes once the false ones have fallen off, you should also keep using castor oil on them.


Steaming is another secure method for loosening the lash glue. All you need is a bowl, hot water, a cotton ball, and olive oil. Here’s what to do:

  • Put a big towel over your head and submerge yourself in a bowl of boiling water with your face safely above the water. Keep your body in this position for at least 15 minutes.
  • Once the glue has been broken down by the steam, gently swipe your upper and lower lash lines with a cotton pad dipped in olive oil while being careful not to get any oil in your eyes. This will give the extensions “slip” and help them slide right off your eye. Until all of the lashes have fallen off, repeat this step.

Wait It Out

You can wait for your eyelashes to fall out completely on their own if you work from home, rarely leave the house, and don’t mind them looking a little tangled.

Eventually, after some time, the individual lashes will fall out. It could take this process up to 8 weeks.

Removing Semi-Permanent Individual Eyelashes

remove individual eyelashes

Many women choose individual lashes, or hairs painstakingly glued one at a time to each of their own eyelashes, for the most natural effect. These waterproof lash extensions can last for quite some time with regular maintenance.

Refills once every two to three weeks keep lash shedding from looking sparse, but if you don’t get the refills done, the extensions will all eventually fall off on their own. You might only have a few stragglers at the end.

Removing Semi-Permanent Individual Eyelashes

You don’t need to go to the salon if there are only a few hairs that need to be removed. After washing your face and removing your makeup, as usual, add some steaming water to a bowl to help the adhesive become more pliable.

For the full effect, hunch over the bowl with your head covered in a towel for 15 minutes. Afterward, dip a cotton pad in coconut, olive, or baby oil and swipe it gently across your lash line until the extensions loosen and fall away.

Removing Temporary Individual Eyelashes

They are not as waterproof as lash extensions because cluster lashes and strip lashes are applied with a temporary glue that is frequently latex-based. You can get rid of them by dipping a cotton pad in coconut, baby, or olive oil or an oil-based makeup remover.

Hold the cotton pad over your closed eye for 20 seconds to loosen the glue. Continue until the lash strip or clusters are sufficiently loosened to be lifted away without tearing your skin. Apply oil-dipped cotton swabs to your lash line to leave behind more residue.

Dos and Don’ts When Removing Individual Eyelashes

Lash extensions can be irritating if you’re not used to them, but avoid the urge to rub, pick, pull or twist — this can damage your real lashes. Call your esthetician to schedule a removal if you still have a full set of semi-permanent lashes.

Professionals carefully and painstakingly remove each individual hair, which is challenging to do with your own eyes, using a special solvent. Use a mild cleanser and moisturizer on your skin after removing your own eyelashes to take good care of it.

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