Where And How To Contour Your Face: 11 Steps

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Contouring is a splendor vogue that has received widespread recognition recently. It means making use of darker matte to positive precise areas of your face. Contouring helps make components of your face stand out and show up slimmer and greater defined. Highlighting helps intensify the present glow of your face the place the solar naturally hits it and makes it appear as even though it is illuminated from inside. We have some handy and simple tips on how to contour your face within three minutes.

Before Contouring

Prepare Your Base

Before contouring your face, you should prepare your face, follow the basis and concealer, and brush on a light layer of translucent powder to create the best base. This will assist your contour going on smoothly.

Choose Your Product And Brushes

You can pick between powders and lotions – powders provide you an extra matte end whilst lotions depart you with a dewy one. If you’re a beginner, it’s fine, to begin with, creamy merchandise as these are less complicated to construct and blend.

For your brushes, use smaller, fluffy brushes for greater precision. You want one brush for contouring and one for highlighting.


When Contouring


The best and most acquainted way to contour is to take your darker color and use it to create a shadow below your cheekbones. Find your cheekbones by using sucking in your cheeks and tracing the product alongside the hollows of your cheeks, following the herbal structure of your jawline and temple. Depending on your face form and special facial features, you can vicinity your shadow in one of three places: alongside the aspects of your nose; in a “3” structure that follows your hairline, underneath the cheekbone, and jawline; or in an upside-down triangle structure framing your cheeks. Play around with unique lines, sculpting your face with shadows till you discover the seems to be that works for you.


With your lighter concealer, you favor to the region it in the areas place you will desire to carry ahead or to genuinely conceal. These areas for most humans would be the bridge of your nose, chin, beneath eye vicinity, and the center of your forehead.

Now, with your darker concealer, you prefer to vicinity it in the areas the place you favor to add extra depth. For most people, these areas would be the aspects of your nose, the jawline, the hollows of your cheeks, your temples, and the perimeter of your forehead.


This step is the best and the most important! You favor to mixture out all the harsh strains you created in the step before. Contouring is intended to appear as herbal and straightforward as possible. You can use a brush to mix or a sponge (try a splendor blender sponge). When all the mixing is done, make certain to “set” your make-up with a translucent powder (a powder that goes on “clear”) so that your make-up may not without problems wipe off. This is sole if you use cream/foundation to contour. If you use powder to contour, you do now not want to add every other layer of translucent powder.


Applying blush to the apples of your cheeks isn’t indispensable for a contouring look, however, it can assist your make-up to appear extra natural, performing as a bridge between your shadow and spotlight areas.

Nose Contour

-Take a mild contour color and a small angled brush and draw two strains on both facets of the bridge of the nostril – the nearer the lines, the smaller the nostril.

-To shorten the nose, contour around the nostrils.

-Blend the edges with a buffing brush however don’t unfold the product outwards into the under-eye.

– It’s essential to combo out any harsh lines, so it appears herbal.

-Highlight the bridge and tip of the nostril with a small mixing brush. This will make it seem even thinner and create a glow.

Lips Contour

If you’re developing a full glam look, lip contour is ideal for including more definition to the face.

Contour strains assist make the lips appear extra prominent. Line the part of the lips with a mild brown contour color and mixture inwards. By defining the lips with a matte contour skill you can over-line and make them show up large than they are. To make the pout bigger, draw contour strains on the pinnacle and backside lips to create a 3D effect. Apply a lipstick color of your desire over the pinnacle to combo the whole thing together. Concentrate a white spotlight color in the center of the lips to decorate the pout.  

Chest Contour

Contouring the chest region helps to combine the face make-up into the physique and reap an absolutely made-up look. Carve out the collarbones and cleavage with a contour color to exaggerate the herbal lines, then blend. If your collarbones aren’t visible, please raise your shoulders to make them pop out. Highlight the most protruding factors of the collarbones and the pointers of the shoulders to make them pop and appear glowy.

Body Contour

This method is frequently used for photo-shoot or nighttime makeup. Foundation and highlighter are utilized on the hands and legs to provide the purchaser an entirely airbrushed look. Body basis is additionally appropriate for purchasers who have pores and skin prerequisites such as psoriasis or eczema that they desire to conceal for different events. Body shimmer creates an all-over glow and appears youthful in photographs. Some developments have long gone as a way as hand and toes contouring, however, this isn’t very common.

After Contouring

For a flawless finish, remember to apply setting powder or spray. Then, you are done! Now you can end the relaxation of your makeup! With practice, you will analyze what is first-class for your personal pores and skin kind and coloration over time. It is necessary to blend, blend, blend. Remember, the combo is your friend!

You can use drug shop merchandise or high-end products, each work amazing. It is all about preference! Your make-up ought to make you sense confident, so something seems you sense most satisfied with, make that you are go-to.

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