Kencko Review: Does It Really Work?

Kencko Review: Does It Really Work?
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A cutting-edge business called Kencko, which in Japanese means “health,” makes consuming smoothies and obtaining nutrients as simple as combining a powder with water or milk. This subscription service offers a customizable box with powdered smoothie mixes that are packed with nutrient-dense ingredients. But is it actually effective? Continue reading if you’re curious to learn more about Kencko.

Overview Of Kencko

The typical traditional smoothie delivery service is not Kencko. Since I initially dismissed them as a supplement company, I actually held off on trying them out in order to write this review.

But the more I investigated their offerings, the more I came to the conclusion that they were actually smoothies. merely not the way that we’re all accustomed to seeing them.

To make their various smoothie blends, Kencko uses the process of freeze-drying organic fruits and vegetables, which are then ground into a powder and combined.

Then you add your smoothie powder to a shaker bottle that is included in your box, shake it, and your smoothie “magically” appears.

What I find most intriguing about their smoothies is that they only use fruits and vegetables in their powders. This means that there are no “natural flavors,” “artificial coloring,” “preservatives,” etc.

Additionally, each smoothie packet, according to their website, contains the same nutritional value as 2.5 cups of fresh produce.

Color Coded Shakes For Different Nutritional Goals

  • Ambers: Passion fruit, chia seeds, and turmeric are the main components of these smoothie packets. According to Kencko, the amber color denotes the presence of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. The gut and the immune system, according to Kencko, benefit greatly from these shakes.
  • Beet Reds: The main ingredients in these shakes are apples, strawberries, and beetroot. According to Kencko, they have nitrates for improved blood flow, and fiber that is good for the gut, and excellent for skin health.
  • Corals: Apple, beetroot, and ginger are the main components of these powdered smoothie shakes. According to Kencko, they are fantastic for boosting energy and lowering blood pressure.
  • Crimsons: The main ingredients in these shakes are acai, mango, and cinnamon. According to Kencko, they are great for your hair, nails, and stress levels.
  • Greens: These primarily consist of kale, spinach, and spirulina. According to Kencko, these greens will improve your digestion and give you more energy. These are great for detoxing, according to other claims.
  • Matcha Greens: In these shakes, the main ingredients are apples, zucchini, and matcha. The company Kencko asserts that its products aid in weight loss and a metabolism enhancement.
  • Golds: Cacao beans, bananas, and strawberries are ingredients in the gold smoothies. The mood and memory benefits of these are supposedly excellent.
  • Golden Plums: One of their limited-edition flavors, Golden Plums, has as its main ingredients plum, papaya, and coconut water.


  • Offers 18 different smoothie flavors
  • Smoothie mixes come in single-serving packets that you just mix with liquid
  • Offers 2.5 servings of fruit and veggies in each packet
  • Can choose between 20, 30, or 60 smoothies per month
  • Carbon-neutral shipping and eco-friendly packaging
  • Access to a registered dietician
  • Can cancel or pause your subscription at any time
  • Multiple Kencko discount codes are available


  • No one-time purchases without creating a subscription
  • Some flavors are “out there”
  • Consistency is not like traditional smoothies
  • It’s not a meal replacement

Ingredients Of Kencko

As we’ve already mentioned, Kencko is very honest about what goes into their shakes. A complete list of the ingredients used in each flavor is available.

Only 2.5 cups of pure fruit and vegetable are included in each shake. Since each shake has a different set of ingredients, as is clear from the list above, you must make that decision first.

There are a wide variety of ingredients, including yellow beetroot, flax seeds, goji berries, oat milk, cayenne pepper, Thai lime leaf, golden plums, coconut water, red pepper, sweet potato, and blue spirulina.

To make some of their kencko smoothies more palatable, they also add some spices and salt. The ingredients that Kencko uses seem to support their claims. We would prefer more scientific data to support these claims, though.

How Much Is Kencko?

Smoothies from Kencko are definitely more expensive. The price of a single Kencko smoothie is $2.49. The monthly program they offer entitles you to a 10% discount. But even so, it is by no means inexpensive.

Of course, meal replacement shakes aren’t exactly known for being inexpensive. However, some alternatives are available that provide comparable benefits for a much lower cost.

In single-serving smoothie packets, each of their shakes is offered. The next step is to combine kencko with your preferred beverage, such as unsweetened almond milk if you’d rather.

Kencko Review: Does It Really Work?

Does Kencko Aid In Weight Loss?

Kencko wasn’t created with the goal of promoting weight loss. Instead, its instant smoothies were designed to help customers incorporate healthy nutrients into their diets, providing fiber and vitamins that their bodies need.

I won’t say that Kencko weight loss can’t happen, but losing weight depends on many other vital factors, like being in a calorie deficit. Its products can definitely be included in a plan, but they must be supplemented by calorie restriction and exercise.

With no added sugars or artificial additives, Kencko’s beverages are stocked with whole, organic plant foods. Additionally, the business uses components that reduce the risk of diabetes and heart disease.

Kencko is healthy, then? Yes, but should one expect to lose weight? Not necessarily.

Is Kencko Worth It?

Kencko is surely making a name for itself on the market, offering a unique subscription plan that isn’t like other food delivery services. The company promotes conveniently obtaining your daily nutrients, appealing to those who want the advantages of good health without having to invest a lot of time in it.

So, how do Kencko smoothies compare? Each mix comes jam-packed with 2.5 servings of fruits and veggies, as well as a vibrant mix of vitamins and minerals. They are unquestionably healthy, in my opinion.

Plus, the majority of user testimonials attest to the tastiness of the brand’s smoothies. However, it’s possible that you’ll need to try a few different flavors before you find the ones you like.

Not to mention, this brand has a sustainable mindset and ethical goals that I support Kencko’s efforts to reduce food waste as a Certified B Corporation. Additionally, they provide GoGreen carbon-neutral shipping and compostable packaging.

This Kencko review’s conclusion is that the company’s smoothies are worthwhile after these crucial questions were addressed and comforting customer feedback was disclosed. The company has a wholesome mission to help customers lead healthier lifestyles while simultaneously supporting a healthier environment.

Customers Reviews

  • I honestly don’t understand how people can consume this. There is nothing I can think of to fix how awful this tastes.
  • product is very, low in flavor. Customer service is very bad
  • the product is surprisingly tasty and is an affordable way to get my juice fix. it’s perfect in place for a mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack. This has made it easier for me to eat more fruits and vegetables.
  • Many people seem to be praising how tasty these smoothies are…no they are not! They taste horrible.


Because they are made with fresh produce, Kencko smoothies have an advantage. The business asserts that its shakes are delectable, nourishing, and 100 percent organic. However, we would prefer to see more solid scientific proof to support these assertions.

However, Kencko might be a great option to take into account if you want all the nutritional advantages of a smoothie without having to deal with making one yourself.

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