Why Is My Hair Frizzy After Blow Drying: How To Avoid Frizz

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Do you notice that after blow drying your hair it simply appears incredibly frizzy? Sometimes it feels like getting that salon easy end at domestic simply isn’t going to happen, no count number how many tutorials we watch. Hair receives frizzy when the cuticle is raised as moisture passes via your strands and motives them to swell. This generally happens in dry or broken hair and can be a signal that you’re the use of way too a good deal of heat.

Why Does Hair Get Frizzy After Blow Drying

Blow Drying Disrupts The Hairs Cuticle Layer

The heat from the blow dryer expands the remotest layer of the hair, causing the cuticle cells to lift and come uneven. Blow drying also makes the hair cuticles dry, rigid, and brittle, performing in cracks and damaged ends. As a result, individual hair beaches start to hitch onto each other, causing frizz.

Excess Moisture

Numerous women start drying their hair right out of the shower when it’s sopping wet. The heat from the blow dryer causes redundant water to evaporate fast, constricting and swelling the external outer of the hair. Because of that, the cuticle cells lift and lap rather than lying flat. Multiply this circumstance over a whole head of hair, you end up with a pall of frizzed hair.

Start by towel drying your hair first, and also air dry for a bit until your hair is at least 50- 80 dry before exposing it to heat.

You Leave Your Hair In The Towel For Too Long

Leaving your hair wrapped in a kerchief for too long causes disunion on their hair, that is, if you’re using a cotton kerchief. Invest in a microfiber kerchief. Microfiber has a smoother face compared to cotton, which doesn’t induce disunion. It also absorbs redundant water briskly from the hair, reducing the need to rub or squeeze. For stylish results, it’s recommended to keep your hair in the kerchief for around 10 twinkles before releasing it to state dry.

You‘re Brushing Too Soon

Brushing your hair while it’s still soaking wet is the leading cause of split ends, tangles, and frizz. Blow drying it at the same time is a surefire way to produce problems.

The ideal system to dry your hair is to use a blow dryer on medium heat at a low speed to rough dry it. After the hair has been roughly dried for 80, you can section it and style it with a round encounter while blow drying with a cooler setting.

Rough Drying Is Not For You

Rough drying means using your fritters rather than an encounter to move your hair around as you dry. However, it can give you big bouncy hair, if done rightly. But it doesn’t always work for everyone. Those with fine hair may find that rough drying makes their hair look ethereal, while those with curled hair may find that it doesn’t give enough definition. However, trial different ways and see what works, if rough-dry doesn’t work for you.

Your Hairdryer Is Too Close

It’s recommended to hold your hair dryer at these distances:

  • 8 – 10 elevation down when you’re drying your hair
  • 4 – 6 elevation down when baptizing

You should also avoid holding it in one place for too long. Move it around to avoid heat concentrating on one area.

You‘re Blow Drying In The Wrong Direction

Blow drying towards the path of the hair cuticles will purpose them to carry inflicting frizz. Use a nozzle attachment to direct the airflow down the hair shaft, from roots to ends, to ease the cuticles in their herbal direction. This will additionally make certain an extraordinarily smooth finish.

How To Blow-Dry Hair Without Getting Frizzy

Prep Hair With A Heat Protestant

Heat protestants are pivotal for preparing your hair before using any hot tool, including hair dryers. The products seal your hair cuticle, precluding it from losing humidity and elasticity due to close contact with high heat.

Use a Pre-Drying Smoothing Product

Before you reach for your hairdryer, hairstylists recommend using products that will promote smoothness once you start drying and once you are finished. Oil helps to fight frizz and moisturize hair. 

Invest In A High-Quality Hairdryer

This tip might sound obvious, but I myself am shamefaced of awaiting low-quality hot tools to do a high-quality job over the time, and I have always wound up disappointed. Investing in a professional-position hair dryer will make all the difference you are looking for, according to hairstylists.

Dry Your Hair In The Direction That It Grows

Direct the air from the blow dryer towards the hair in the same direction that it grows out of your scalp. However, hold the blow dryer above the encounter so the air is moving down towards the ground, If you roll the hair around your face in a big round encounter. Doing the contrary causes the air to push the cuticles that compass the hair up and down from the rest of the hair, which ends up creating a limp look.

Opt For Either A Bristle Or Ceramic Brush

The type of brush you use while blow drying your hair can make all the difference when it comes to reducing frizz and negotiating a satiny final look.

Try A Post-Drying Hair Wax Or Matte Pomade

Once your hair is dry, snare a light matte pomade or a light spray wax and gently encounter or spot over the hairs that are still sticking out. This helps to pull the baby hair in with the other hairs and hide them from sight. Use a light finishing spray to hold everything approximately in place.

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