Apollo Neuro Review: Is It Worth It?

Apollo Neuro Review
January 28, 2023 0 Comments

Wondering if Apollo lives up to its promises? See if this handy device will work for you by reading our comprehensive Apollo Neuro review.

The Apollo is a wearable device designed to maximize your heart rate variability (HRV), which refers to variations in the interval between each heartbeat. A high HRV indicates that you can respond and deal with stressful situations quickly. A high HRV can be attributed to good sleep, consistent exercise, a healthy diet, and fulfilling relationships with others.

In this article, we’ll address all of these concerns and more by reviewing the clinical studies Apollo Neuro has supported, outlining the theory behind the device’s operation, and providing a genuine, unpaid user review of the item.

What is the Apollo Neuro?

Apollo is a cutting-edge wearable devised by Apollo Neuroscience and designed to train the body’s reaction to stress. By sending out gentle vibrations that affect heart rate variability (HRV) and stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, it achieves this. With better sleep, focus, and energy production, according to Apollo, the body’s balance is restored.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that Apollo seeks to improve one’s biometrics rather than merely tracking them, in contrast to other high-tech wearables on the market like Whoop, Apple Watch, or FitBit.

What I Like

  • Every other wearable I could find on the market spits out data and biometrics, only highlighting the issue. While you wear Apollo, it actively affects your heart rate variability and reaction to stress.
  • You can choose your desired mood by using the seven modes.
  • Comes in two simple colors: Silver and Stealth
  • The hardware and app are well-made, intuitive, and well-designed.

What I Don’t Like

  • The cost is a little high.
  • The wearable doesn’t have a screen or any other svelte, high-tech features that are common among competing products.
Apollo Neuro Review

How Does the Apollo Neuro Work?

The proposed mechanism of action of the Apollo Neuro is called “touch therapy.” According to the manufacturer, using their device can alter the nervous system in a way that improves how people react to stress.

These assertions are not supported by any recent medical research that we could find. The largest medical database in the United States was the one we looked through., for any research published on sound waves and stress (not just published by Apollo but by anyone), and was unable to locate any helpful information.

This doesn’t mean Apollo is necessarily ineffective, just that there doesn’t currently appear to be much-existing research on the mechanism of action of their device (other than the one clinical trial referenced previously of relatively limited scope).

We’ll reserve judgment until more data is available before determining whether Apollo Neuro has actually invented a truly revolutionary device that can alleviate stress and anxiety solely through sound waves.

Apollo Neuro Review


Apollo is delivered in a small box along with a manual, charging cord, wrist strap, and ankle strap. You also have access to the Apollo Neuro App (available for iOS and Android), which I thought was the easiest way to get going.

Device and Straps

The gadget itself is about the same size as an Apple Watch or FitBit. Apollo, however, has a much simpler design, with only two light blue side buttons and a tiny metal piece for the strap to pass through. Not a single dial, knob, or screen.

Apollo resembles a tracker in some ways. But that’s okay; the object isn’t meant to be seen or noticed. It is only there for functionality.

You won’t be checking it like you would another wearable that might show you notifications or data on a tiny screen. With Apollo, you essentially set it and forget it while allowing its enchanted vibrations to buzz through your body.

Although it can be worn on top of the wrist like a watch, the Apollo team advises wearing it inside the ankle or wrist because those are the best places to feel these light vibrational pulses.

Apollo Neuro Review

For most adult wrists and ankles, Apollo’s medium and large straps are suitable. The strap is constructed of polyester overlays over neoprene, the same material used to create wetsuits. Similar to a watch band made of fabric, the strap rests lightly against your skin. It feels strong and durable despite being soft to the touch.

The band is kept tight and secure by the strap’s thin, sturdy velcro connection to itself. This is useful if you don’t want Apollo to slide around while you are walking or moving around your home.

Modes and Intensity

Almost every desired mood you might wish to be in throughout the course of a full day is covered by the extensive menu of different modes that Apollo is equipped with.

There are seven modes altogether which include:

  • Energy and Wake Up
  • Social and Open
  • Clear and Focused
  • Rebuild and Recover
  • Meditation and Mindfulness
  • Relax and Unwind
  • Sleep and Renew

You can adjust the intensity on a scale of 1-100 percent using the two buttons on the device or the slider in the app.

The Science & Technology

Apollo Neuro Review

Beyond the seven vibration modes, Apollo’s functionality is limited. The fact that the gadget doesn’t actually track any health metrics might annoy users. You’ll require a second tracker that tracks these data points if you want to see if your HRV or sleep patterns have changed as a result of using the Apollo.

The Apollo is compatible with the Oura Ring sleep tracker, as well as Apple Health tracking software on the iPhone and other Apple smart devices.

Technically speaking, the effects can be felt without wearing the Apollo continuously. In fact, doing so will significantly reduce battery life. I wore mine twice or three times a day for an hour or two at a time. That was more than enough for me to experience the device’s effects.

Does Apollo Neuro Cause Side Effects?

The Apollo Neuro device does not meet our criteria for the likelihood of side effects. We have not found any medical studies that claim that persistently low-frequency sound waves are bad for your health, and in modern life, we are frequently exposed to sound levels much higher than those produced by Apollo Neuro.

Nevertheless, considering that this is a novel device, we would prefer to confirm that there are no side effects from clinical trials. We would like to see long-term safety data emerge, and that data is not currently publicly available, which is one of the reasons we aren’t yet confident in recommending this device.

Since Apollo Neuro claims to influence the nervous system, we believe that consumers should wait for safety data to emerge from clinical trials before purchasing this device, even though we consider the risk of side effects to be very low.

What Do Other Reviewers Say?

Apollo Neuro Review

The focus and relaxed features of Apollo, as Florenz V. observed, felt the most palpable.

Here’s a blurb from a writer for a men’s magazine who tried Apollo for a week: “I didn’t experience any world-changing effects from the Apollo, but I did appreciate the additional level of emotional self-control. My desired mood was inputted into an app, and this tiny companion on my ankle worked in tandem.”

In my experience, that is about average. This extra step helps you to achieve the mood you’re aiming for. Alternately, as I riffed earlier, you could give your vehicle a boost by switching it to a hybrid model.

Who is Apollo For?

Those who wish to actively manage their mood and their body’s reaction to stress. This is for those who already take the right steps to be in the right frame of mind and want to intensify their efforts.

Apollo won’t instantly transform your mood from depressed to upbeat or from worn out to energized. However, it will set the stage for your desired mood and guide you on the right path.


We don’t currently recommend the Apollo Neuro device because we don’t think there is enough evidence to support its efficacy. The one completed clinical trial was of a relatively small scale, and it did not demonstrate that the device directly lowers levels of perceived stress.

Giving the Apollo Neuro a shot to see if vibration therapy is something you’re interested in exploring won’t hurt. The company stands by its 60-day return policy, which enables you to return the product if you’re dissatisfied with it for any reason. However, you’ll be responsible for paying for return shipping.

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